Has anyone in the group experimenting with the supplement “Berberine”.

No. You generally don’t need supplements unless you are truly deficient in something - otherwise they just make for expensive pee (and sometimes supplement use can cause health problems).


According to WebMD

Diabetes. Taking berberine by mouth seems to slightly reduce blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.

To be honest I have never heard of it before. I guess I will stick with lowing my BG with Insulin. I know how that works.

Best luck with that!

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Supplements like berberine, cinnamon, etc. may or may not improve blood glucose levels in those with type 2 diabetes or type 1s with insulin resistance.

While I haven’t ever tried berberine, the supplements I have tried over the years have been mostly a waste of money.

I take a multivitamin with minerals, alpha lipoic acid for nerves and Osteo Bioflex for knees. These things work for me, but don’t affect blood glucose management.

All I can say is to try while keeping a complete diet and BG readings diary. Actually begin the diary 1 month before, during and after.

For us T2DMs the 2 mandatory keys are a carb restricted diet and regular exercise of at least 30 continuous minutes per day. This is true whether on oral/injectable drugs and/or insulin.

Every pharmaceutical type 2 drug will say something like, Can lower blood sugar along with diet and exercise."


No, but I’ve seen videos comparing it to Ozempic. I thought that was an extreme claim.