Supplements to help insulin

Anyone have thoughts on taking supplements to help with insulin absorption or resistance?

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There is some research that suggests alpha lipoic acid is helpful.

Improving Insulin Sensitivity, Lowering Glucose and Lipids

While most of the research on ALA in diabetes has focused on its effects on neuropathy, several clinical trials have now found ALA may increase insulin sensitivity and help reduce blood sugar and lipids, largely through improving measures of oxidative stress and inflammation.



Not a supplement, but metformin helps.

Running 5 miles is a great supplement.


I’ve tried alph lipolic but not sure there was any difference.

Definitely will not ever take metforamin again. That med was prescribed to me in the first five months of my diagnosis. I had chest pains from it and when I switched to insulin only the chest pain never came back

I do walk three miles everyday. Have not run since 2017, when it was a regular part of my workout. It got painful in my hips and I burned right through glucose levels fast…

I read about other things but it’s difficult to know the paid ads from any real info.

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Any type of cardio will obviously make someone more sensitive to insulin, and your 3 miles walks are putting you leagues above others who sit all day. All diabetics should have great hiking shoes, running shoes and swim gear. If you can get some good tunes and put your pace at 70-80 of max or something that feels like your not going to blow out your heart or if your knees hips are blown swimming is also fantastic stuff.
Other things that may be of help…
-foods with lots of antioxidants, find stuff with high ORAC ratings (some are going to say this is bogus but my personal feeling is it does matter)
-good long night of sleep
-having your mind focused on something deeply you enjoy
-depending on who we’re talking about here but a glass or two of wine, or better lagavulin 16yr
-reduced stress or avoiding morons, give yourself extra time and space for everything, jacuzzi time
-being around people you can laugh with and don’t give you a headache
-having/finding love
-knowing if it was 100 years ago no doubt we would be dead, which could be interpreted many ways. I thank people like Banting, Best, they likely did it for their own ego which is fine… but when i take the world to seriously i thank God im not in the dark, i have flesh and feel warmth, i have a daughter and a family who loves me


i think that this is the cure for everything :blush:

Bob, Thanks for the response. Sorry for the delay. Work and life gets really tangled at times.
Been testing the alpha lipoic acid but not really seeing much diff.600mg daily hasn’t budged the needle.

Balvenie is my dram. But I can only handle one wee shot. You’re food suggestion is appreciated too. Will research more.

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Balvenie Fifty: Marriage 0962 - I can’t even afford one wee shot.

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Balvenie 12yr or 15yr. Below the $60 mark so I get one bottle at xmas and it lasts all year.

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