Apple Watch SE

Can anyone tell me if this watch is compatible with the Dexcom G6? If so, where can I find this online? I see series 3 but would rather the SE.

If it matters I’m in Canada BC

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This from Dexcom:
Dexcom Products compatible with Apple Watch SE

Apple watches require a paired Apple iPhone


OS Range Set(s):

Dexcom G6 app watchOS 7.3.2

Dexcom Follow app watchOS 7.3.2

If your OS falls outside of this range(s), your device is not compatible.


The SE should be compatible with the Deacon G6; Dexcom has been good about compatibility.

You can buy the SE directly from Apple. Here’s the Apple Canada page for it: Apple Watch SE - Apple (CA)

Other big retailers sell it too.

New Apple watches are historically released in September, so you might want to wait a few weeks. Apple doesn’t update the iPhone SE every year, so they may also not update the Apple Watch SE this year, so who knows if I waiting will be worthwhile.


With regards to the “Requires” portion of your email, my Apple iPhone is an 11 max pro… would that meet the requirements with the Apple Watch SE and Dexcom G6? I’m not techy at ALL and I’m not sure what the OS requirements mean…


You shouldn’t have any problem with your iphone 11. My son was using Dexcom with a much older phone and a 5 year old apple watch. It is really cool to see your blood sugar everytime you look at your apple watch. There are many faces available that can display the dexcom data.