Apple iWatch

Hello all!

I bought the Apple iWatch SE a couple years ago, and although it’s convenient to look at my wrist vs pulling out my phone (mostly when driving or kayaking) I was really disappointed that my phone had to be in range for that feature to work.

Does anyone know if there is a new version or any other watch that can stand alone to read blood sugars from Dexcom?

Yes, there is!

Check out the thread below. @Hammer is the resident FUD expert on that watch.

I have one of them, and like it a lot for certain situations (like when I leave the home). I don’t need it too much at home because I can have the Dex receiver sitting nearby on the table or whatever, and it’s easy to see it.

But when I go out, it’s very easy to use.

Here is the thread.


The G7 has straight to Apple watch capability built in but there is no announcement on when that will available.

I really want a Apple Watch but am unsure which models will be compatible with the G7. I would hate to buy one and find out it’s not the one that works.

I think it would be amazing to not have my cell phone attached to the hip at all times!


Thanks, I hadn’t heard this. Another push for me to move to G7!!!

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Just to reiterate it’s built in but not available yet and I’ve heard no timeline. If anyone else has I would love to know!