Apple or Android watch alone with Dexcom G6?

I’d love just a better receiver from Dexcom. Make us a watch for our receiver?

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I just recently bought an Apple Watch in anticipation of getting a Dexcom G6. I am disappointed to learn It will not work was a standalone receiver for the G6. My main intent was to be able to get current readings while walking/hiking with my watch on and not having to carry the phone with me.

Maybe they will come up with a solution, but I’m finding this watch does not live up to the promise. Even with cellular version of AW4, seems most apps still require the phone.

@Tmoez and @tpherson First, welcome to you both to FUD! I look forward to hearing a lot more from you.

I have been using my watch as a stand alone receiver for my Dexcom for almost 2 years. The only way you can do it is with xDrip+ and a Sony Smartwatch 3, or other modified compatible watch. This is an Android only solution.

Judging by the rate they’re moving Dexcom should have the stand alone watch solution in about 2-3 years.


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Hi docslotnick,
We are having the same issue here (the netherlands). My son (9) forgets his phone more than 5 times a day, and it falls on the ground several times a day. We have been waiting too long for this solution from apple. So i would like to try the sony smartwatch 3 solution. I am a bit of a tech nerd, so I suggest i’ll be able to make it work. Can you tell me if i need also an android phone to set it up? Or would a ssw3 only, be enough.

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Hi @Falco. Welcome to FUD!

The answer is yes, you need an Android phone with the watch. He will unfortunately need to carry it with him for you to get remote readings. The watch has no SIM card to connect to the internet.

Other than sharing, the phone can be left at home and reconnected on a daily or so basis.

Perhaps you can put the phone in a secure location on his person. He will not need to access it. There are small phones, like the Jelly Pro that might be suitable.

If you need help setting it up let me know.

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Great idea, and thanks for the quick response. I am going to set up the Sony Smart Watch 3 with the Unihertz Jelly Pro and connect it with the Dexcom G6 of my son. And I will share my findings on this forum.

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I also use the Sony Smartwatch 3 as a standalone with the Dexcom G5. Others with the SW3 also use it with the Dexcom G6. I would never be without the watch while doing my long athletic runs. It also works as a stand-alone GPS watch. I am just starting to use that function.

docsiotnick; I made the mistake to enable the SW3 to perform all of the calculations without the phone. The result was the watch battery only lasted about 6 hours on the charge. I normally get more than 24 hours on a charge. Of course this is using xDrip+ as you have stated. The SW3 CPU does have the horsepower to perform the calculations but the result is a much higher battery drain.

Here some findings from my project to setup the Unihertz Jelly Pro + SSW3 + xdrip
I bought the Jelly Pro and installed xdrip+. After some trial and error, I was able to receive the BG values from the Dexcom G6. So far so good. But I didn’t manage to get the Xdrip+ screen on the SSW3. But for now I leave it, because I am going to return the Jelly Pro to Amazon.de . Because after 2 days of testing I found out that the batteries of the Jelly Pro last for only half a day (If you don’t use it very much). I am going to buy an Android with al little bit more battery capacity. Anyone a suggestion for a good and small Android phone that has at least a day battery life?

Hereby I want to thank you very much for all your contributions in this forum. You have also made me excited to experiment with the Sony Smart Watch 3 in collaboration with an Android phone and the Dexcom G6. I wanted to share on this forum that I managed to link a Sony Smart Watch 3 to a Samsung a10 (only 149, - euro). The system works perfectly, and my son (almost 10 years) has had much more freedom in the last two days, without carrying his phone. It is really a life changer for us. So thanks again, and if I can help someone with this setup, I will gladly do that.

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@Falco I’m so glad you found the setup that works for you and your son.

And thank you so much for your kind words!

So if I am using xdrip to see my Dexcom G6 data in real-time on my Samsung Galaxy S10 phone, I can set up a Sony Smart Watch 3 as a stand alone device to display real-time BG readings from xdrip without having to be near my phone? And I will still be able to see xdrip readings on the phone, too? Just want to be sure before I try to purchase a Sony Smart Watch 3!

Yes. That is what is meant by “standalone” watch support.

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Yes! Your watch will take over the BG readings if you are out of reach of your phone. As soon as you will come back in reach of your phone, your watch will sync again and you will have reading on your phone as well again.

I’m glad to see that the Sony Smart Watch 3 and Samsung phone also work with the G6. I have been using the SW3 and Samsung S5 with the G5 for more than one year with no problems. I do turn off the SW3 at night while charging the battery but have an Amazon Fire 8 doing the monitoring of the G5 transmitter. Even though the Fire 8 is not completely an android system it does work.

It has been awhile since anyone posted on this. Have there been any new releases of CGM- apps, stand-alone watches? or should I still consider the dexcom g6 & Sony Smartwatch 3 & xdrip+.

Can someone guide me how to configure the watch to be stand alone so we can leave the phone at home please. Does it have to be an Android LTE?

@Kels_eh If you want the watch to be the receiver, then xDrip+ is your only option. XDrip+ only works on Android, so that’s your only option.

There are lots of options for the watch if you don’t mind some software patching. But if you want it to run flawlessly out of the box, then the SSW3 is your only option.

Here are watch options that must be patched

If you need help setting it up, let me know. But it’s pretty straight forward and easy.

@docslotnick Thank you!
Im thinking of buying my 9yr old with the Sony sw3 to be a stand-alone. Will we need a android phone to do initial set up or might an android tablet work (Samsung galaxy tab e)? We are iPhone users.

@Kels_eh An Android tablet will work for the setup and maintenance of the watch. But the only way you can share the readings from the watch is to have an Android phone that your 9 y.o. can keep with him.

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