Apple iWatch SE and Dexcom


If anyone knows the answer to this it would be wonderful. I have the Apple iWatch SE, and when I swim I put it on waterproof mode, but then I can’t see my Dexom data, which is the whole reason I got it (to be able to swim without always getting out and going to look at my phone, which often wouldn’t even read because I’d been out of range.

Anyhow, when it’s on waterproof, I click the crown and the only option I get is to take it off waterproof.

Anyone know a solution?

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Interesting. I didn’t know that the iWatch would work standalone without a smartphone. I do use a smartwatch standalone while swimming with no problem. This is not an iWatch but the infamous Sony SWR50 otherwise known as the Sony Smart Watch 3. I wear the sensor on my left arm triceps and also the watch is on my left wrist. This seems to be 100% reliable at recording the data every 5 minutes. Later when near my Android smartphone the watch downloads all of the data for further analysis. My app is not from Dexcom but is the xDrip plus. The watch will record the data for several days before downloading the data. The watch is only paired with the Dexcom G6 transmitter and the smartphone is only paired with the SWR50.

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I’m actually not sure it does, since I couldn’t read it while swimming due to the above issue with the waterproof, but also my bag was nearby, in the bleachers, so now I’m wondering if the phone needs to be near for the watch to read my numbers. I hope not, as that was my main reason for the not-so-cheap purchase. Still handy to have, but yeah…

Apple watch does NOT work standalone with Dexcom! But you can receive your BG readings on the watch as long as it is paired w/ the phone that runs Dexcom! Yes, you watch DOES need to be within bluetooth range of your phone to receive the BG readings from Dexcom.

I didn’t know there was a “waterproof” setting on the Apple Watch! I never use it, yet it is still waterproof for me. At least I’ve dunked it in water and been in rain with no ill effect! I have not gone swimming with it though. I have the Apple Watch v4.

An the phone must be in bluetooth range of the Dexcom transmitter. That is one very big advantage of a standalone watch.

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