Smartwatches that Work Standalone Data Collector of Dexcom G6

Does anyone know of any new Smartwatches that can work standalone to collect data every 5 minutes from the Dexcom CGM system? The only ones that I know are the Bluejay and the Sony Smartwatch 3, SWR50. I have been using the SWR50 for the last 5 years and it has been the perfect data collector.

I don’t know of any others.

What are the features you are looking for?

I’ve been using BlueJay GTS with varying success. BT signal is pretty weak and drops off frequently. Otherwise it is easy to set up and inexpensive.

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Love the BlueJay. It is smaller, lighter and cheaper than the Sony, but lacks the transflective screen, so sometimes hard to see when I am riding my bike. I get 98% capture rate, but I wear the watch on the side where the Dexcom sensor is under my arm and change when the sensor moves to the other side. My Sonys died from sweat so I particularly appreciate the quirky magnetic charge cable connector that has gold plated contacts exposed on the back of the watch that have not corroded at all. Just bought a second one for a backup, after checking and finding out they are not close to producing one with a transflective screen. Maybe not everybody’s watch, but it sure is mine.


Hi Eric. I have been using the Sony SWR50 for so long that I sometimes forget the features I use. In addition to the 100% G6 capture rate I also use the card system for both email, text and voice messages. I use the text messaging bidirectional.
I have not had a problem moisture contamination but that might relate to my extra precautions and extra sealings.
The transflective display is also a very good feature.
I do charge the watch each night since for me it is convenient.
I am always looking for a possible furture replacement if necessary. I do have a couple of backups that I use interchangeable.


One thing I discovered about the SWR50 is the bluetooth range to my phone. Basically, it is line-of-site. One person had my phone on one side of a canyon and was able to check my CGM via the Sony while I was on the other side of this canyon. The range from the G6 transmitter to the watch is no more than one room distance, about the same as the Dexcom receiver.


I’ve had both the Sony and a couple versions of the Bluejay.
Will I liked the smart features on the Sony, I cannot get past the poor battery life and the need for a specific band.
The bluejay does lack features, but it reads my BG consistently, the battery lasts about a week, and it has alarms.
I really like the simplicity of the bluejay watch. Not a fan of the gee wiz looking icons for menus, but iat just flat out works.
I am still open to the next great watch. I am a geek that way. But the bluejay has really set the bar pretty darn high and a low cost.


Hammer; Thanks very much for the response. I guess I feel the same way about the Sony. It has been perfectly reliable getting the data 100% of the time from both the G5 and G6 transmitters. I suppose the battery life could be better, but it does last a whole day with about 50% charge left. Like you I am also looking for the next ‘great watch’. Most do not know that the Sony was fist advertised by Verizon with a big discount. That was my first SWR50 smartwatch.