Anyone know how to see dex6 BG on homescreen, tracker on iphone xs?

hello all! three T1D in our home, daughter and myself switching to omni loop w/riley link, we just got our iphone xs, added dexcom app, but I am wondering if there is a way to show your BG on home screen without having to open the app? thanks in advance!! Lisa

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First, welcome! My son Liam is also looping (we use the microbolus (FreeAPS) branch of Loop.) Question: Are you talking about seeing BGs while the screen is LOCKED? Or just a way to see BGs w/o opening an app, once the screen is unlocked?

If the first - I am not aware of any plugin or app that shows the BGs during lock screen. If the second question, you can add a widget (the screen all the way to the left) for either Dexcom or we use SugarMate as our display screen. You can also add Loop as a Widget to see that info on the far left screen.

What we do have that we really enjoy is the ability to see the BG’s on the Apple Watch via SugarMate by just flipping the wrist…it IS on the home locked screen and you can see it easily w/o pushing any buttons. (Example below - I have a photo album set up and each time I flip my wrist I see a different pic of one of my children / wife and that BG is always on the bottom of each pic.)


how cute :wink: thanks for reply! I just found where to add the widget so did that, I think I need to get an apple watch too. it has been so many years since using an iphone I feel lost at the moment trying to relearn the ins and outs lololol


And because I love the app so much I have to put in a plug for SugarMate (recently purchased by Tandem)…but the developer was one guy pumping out such an amazing app. If you haven’t used it, I HIGHLY recommend it. What I like most about it is that if your BGs fall below a certain threshold, you can receive a phone call. This is a saving grace for me with my son. I don’t hear alerts that well anymore, but I can hear the phone call so easily and I’m able to wake up to deal with a prospective low before it gets low. (my nighttime “low” alert is set to 100 just so that I can give something if he’s heading down…I want to catch it before it actually goes low.)

We love our Apple Watches (we both have the 3 series). We use the “Walkie Talkie” function all the time…I can be in my bedroom upstairs and he can be in the basement playing and I can push the button and say “Liam, can you check your sugars, please and tell me what the number is?” Then he’ll check and radio back to me the number and based on that I’ll push the button and say “OK, can you calibrate please (enter it into the Shortcut (so it appears on NS and gets into Apple Health), calibrate the G5 Mobile App, then eat 10 skittles?” He’ll push and say “OK”.

No needing to go to the basement to do anything! :stuck_out_tongue: Perfect for a lazy person like me (at nights when I just want to relax and watch TV or sleep.) lol.

I also use the watch all the time to walkie talkie him and tell him either a) please plug up your phone, it’s 10 or 20% (I can see this info in NightScout) or b) please make sure you have your spibelt with you (phone/RL) if you’re across the room playing with your brothers. (I can see on NS when Loop data is become stale (usually because he’s too far away from phone/RL)). lol.

We have a lot of fun with our watches. :smiley:


LOL love it!!! I call mine during the day when I am at work to check in, the apple watch walkie talkie sounds amazing!! that’s awesome, technology can be fun for sure. we are super excited to play with the new toys. I know what you mean about missing alarms, we have three tandem w/3 dex 6 in the house now and the kids have baby monitor in their room, but I sleep through their alarms still, heck I sleep through my own and it’s right on me all night!!! annoying