Anyone around the Baltimore Area? December 9-21/23

Hey - not sure if I’m allowed to do this here (and will understand if @Eric takes this down) - but curious. Anyone close by to the Cruise Port of Baltimore that doesn’t mind if I park my steed (will take an Uber /hoof it from where ever we park) .

Can work out any special payment :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: - like Canadian :canada: maple syrup, juice of life donation … cough cough, etc. Just thought I’d try a shout out here incase anyone is in that area of the coast. We can park at the port but it’s $15 USD a day - rather use than monies for good :beers: beer when we’re in the islands we’ll be visiting (or maybe you’ll want to join in on the fun - on the Norwegian Sun)

Hope you all are doing your advocacy thing during the month of National Diabetes Awareness Month - and of course - especially celebrating Dr. Banting’s birthday on November 14th (he’d be 132 today) … aka World Diabetes Day.

Anna aka FatCatAnna in the Diabetes Online Community


Hi @FatCatAnna
I don’t mind you posting that at all!

We are a family here. And if we can send each other D supplies when in need, or swap Dexcom goodies from time-to-time, or meet up for dinner…well heck, let’s park in each other’s driveways too! :grinning:



Fwiw the Norwegian sun is a ship I’ve piloted in alaska a fair bit

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