Another xDrip+ question, about snooze and repeat

Is there a way to disable snooze and repeat completely? There’s a lot to wade through on xDrip+ and I’m not quite sure how the whole snooze thing works to be honest – for now I just want a report every 5 minutes as a singular event, with no repeats.

@Headlands If you go to settings>>alarms and alerts, you can control, add, delete any alert.

If you want to disable an alert completely you can go to settings>>alarms and alerts>>glucose level alerts list. Long press the alert you don’t want to open it’s settings and check “disable alert” ( it’s at the bottom of the page.

If you want “one and done” on an alert, just make the default snooze 1440 minutes (minutes in a day) and that should do it.

If you want repeating alerts for specific time periods, just make an additional time of day and apply one of the above settings or anything you would like it to be.

To just have a phone notification with no sound made, just make a .wav file of 10 seconds of silence, and apply it.

The bottom line is you have totally unlimited control of all your alarms and alerts.