AndroidAPS and Open Looping on an Omnipod

@Trying @Aaron

Thank you guys but my dashboard or whatever you call it doesn’t look as what Aaron posted.
Maybe because I used the already made apk instead of compiling it myself.Perhaps it has less options / settings

@bulgariuv I would try a precompiled APK to start. The ConfigBuilder tab allows you to pick what is visible. If you cannot see config builder then you need to try a new Apk.


Are you aware of this…

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I do have the ConfigBuilder in settings and also as a tab but no APS field with openAPS AMA in it

this is nice, worth a test.
aaah…too bad it does not support miaomiao

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I am now :smile: I new it was getting really close.

I may give a a try just for fun, but I do not have an iphone so I will have to wait a bit

Ultimately the value in any of these things - either homegrown or released by a pump company - comes down to how accurate a person’s CGM is.

@Nickyghaleb, if you don’t mind my asking, how much of your 670G frustration do you attribute to the algorithm they used, and how much of it was from the Enlite sensors?


So the 670G uses Guardian sensors, not Enlite. I mention it only because Guardians are supposed to be better, and they are, but they’re still really way too weak to be determining dosing and suspends. In my experience— I should say that. In my experience, the Guardian sensors were probably… maybe…half the problem. With the new transmitter, there’s been improvement in sensor performance, but that’s where the algorithm still is just not aggressive enough. I’m sure it would also be even better with the new transmitter, but it won’t solve everything. Overnight, when my blood sugar is often stable and normal and my Guardian knows it, it still withholds a really good deal of insulin. Then in the morning, as my blood sugar starts to climb, the algorithm is limited in what it can do to contain it. So… it’s a combination of lag, accuracy, and algorithm. It’s just limited.

In my experience. Some people love it. :woman_shrugging:



The already built apk was the problem.
Compiled it myself and now all the sweet things are present


And of course a question arises:

I have a notification present “Value minBG is out of hard limits. …”
Now I set this to 70 mg/dl.Now after this notification appeared it set itself to 72…

Even if I dismiss it it comes back over and over again and it writes itself in xdrip and NS.

How to I cancel it or modify or kill ?!?

Thank you

72 mg/dl is suspiciously 4 mmol/l which makes some sense for a hard coded number in mmol/l :grinning:

I get the same problem - I cannot lower the lower target below 4 mmol/l or 72 mg/dl, but I never target that low so it is not a problem for me.

I expect the 72 is hardcoded in the code so you cannot mistakenly program a low target. I have not gone looking.

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But how about turning the notification off?
If I press dismiss inside the app it will just come up again and again.

And also everytimes it pops back up it writes itself inside xdrip and nightscout as an announcement note so instead of seeing BG value dots I end up seeing a trail of notes

There is no way to turn the notification off that I know about.

I suspect that even if you put 70 in as the low target, Android APS will force it to 72. In case you didn’t know,

Target BG = (High Target - Low Target) / 2

Either you:

  1. Change the lower target to 72.
  2. Edit the source code to change the hard coded setting to below 70.

Sadly I am not code savvy ( hope this is the way to write it ).

I don’t know how this “forcing” operates because it actually does not modify the low target inside the profile…
You should be able to input what low target you want from inside the app itself.I know this is very biased but in my country a normal low is considered 60 mg/dl.
Also some kind of actual working snooze option would come in handy.

However I did modify the low target inside the profile and it also canceled the notification ( as it should I think ).

Can you please enlighten me on 2 of the app’s shortcuts?

1.What does “TT” mean ( “start activity tt” / “start hypo tt” )? Is is treatment?

2.From the overview dashboard what is the “AS: % value”? Time in target or?

Thank you

@bulgariuv - too bad about the “low” issue. I have always tried to keep above 70 most of the time. If I am between 60-70 I do not get worried but I usually treat the low to get above 70. Below 60

TT = Temporary [blood sugar[ target. It is used to get your BG down before a meal or when exercising to keep a higher target. I do not use it with open loop. Here is a better description:


I am not sure what “AS: %” is.

Pre-compiled APKs have recently become available here if you want to try those.

Thank you @Aaron for this topic. There are three .apk files available and all seem to be the same especially first two - they are identical. Which one has to be installed? May you explain this a little more?

Seems people are already running the loop with Omnipods

Yes, closed loop for Omnipod Eros pods i.e. the old version of Omnipod happened at the beginning of this month. And it is suitable for iPhone and Dexcom users, and those who want to invest something like at least $250. Although you can set up everything in 1-3 days I do want to start open loop at Android phone.