Allergic reaction to new sensor tape

I am T1 LADA…I am a pumper for many years…started with the Paradigm…I use the Medtronic 670G now and the Dexcom g6 sensors. Both work great and my A1c is 6.8. I say the work great…UNTIL Dexcom decided to change the adhesive on the sensors. I have very sensitive skin and break out with severe itching, rash and irritation almost immediately after insertion. I am using a barrier paste at present, but need to know if others have this issue and what are you doing about it? Thanks in advance for your feedback. I can supply pictures that show the problem…this irritation and rash lasts for 2-3 weeks and makes it hard to find a new insertion sight that is clear…

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I’m using the Libre right now but also have the same issue of eczema and very sensitive skin. I began reacting to the Libre adhesive months after starting to use it. I personally have found barrier sprays, creams, and thin tapes (such as Opsite Flexifix) pretty much useless as I still react even thorugh those barriers.

Myself and some others have found a hydrocolloid bandage placed underneath the adhesive works the best. I use the Band-Aid Hydro-Seal brand, but I believe there’s another brand that fits the Dexcom sensors better. Unfortunately, some of us (myself included) still have reactions due to having to cut a small hole for the sensor wire, as the hydrocolloid bandages are quite thick compared to tape.

I believe @Randy uses the Dexcom and has the same problem with reactions and may be able to share his solutions.


@mawmawned, it is apparent that we are not alone, and we already have a thread on this one:

I am using 3m’s hydrocolloidal bandage with a hole punched through the center, but still got a rash the shape of the Dexcom sensor base on my most recent one.
There is a YouTube video referenced in the thread that shows how to do it.


Just saw this on Reddit after reading this post here. I am not on this sensor, but thought I’d pass this along if it were to possibly help.


exactly!! I have one area from 6 week ago that is still rough from healed blisters. I use upper arms, upper and lower abd and alternate all areas but its hard to find an area that doesn’t still have some type of rash or left over roughness where the sensor patch was. I am using a barrier paste and it is working for now. I am waiting the 10 days to see if I get a rash or if the sensor patch comes loose due to the paste. the only good thing is that I have called Dexcom EVERY time I have an issue with this and they send me another replacement. I have not had any issue with getting a replacement due to this issue… I have had 3 replacement sensors sent to me over the last 4 months. thanks for all the feedback. I will try the hydro colloidal bandage if this barrier paste doesn’t work…the barrier paste I use is Coloplast. It is very thick and I have to put it on and spread it with my finger and then use an alcohol prep to clean the center are where the sensor wire will be inserted. Dexcom could go back to the old or have some for sensitive skin types. when I had an issue with the sensors coming loose the overpatch from Dexcom worked great and no sensitivity issues with that.

Well…the coloplast hardened like cement and caused more itching than the adhesive on the sensor!!! can’t win for losing! I had to have my hubby to trim away all adhesive around my sensor and I used a hypoallergenic tape to tape over it to hold it on. I’m thinking about trying to use the overpatch tape first and put the sensor on over that. I have used the overpatch on occasion when the adhesive was coming loose and it didn’t bother me, so that may work…anyway, still looking for a solution. I have heard that using Flonase nasal spray on the area and letting it dry helps so I may do that, then the overpatch, then the sensor!!! crazy we have to do all of this for comfort…

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