A diary of my journey managing blood glucose on chemotherapy

Part on the protocol is to receive by sub cutaneous injection a growth factor to help with reduced blood cells. It has the lovely side effect of causing possible bone pain- yeah. But I’m all for it.

Thanks for the link. I don’t think there’s ever too much knowledge.


FYI, it will likely also increase insulin resistance. :crying_cat_face:

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Good thing I am strong. High insulin resistance, possible kidney failure and neuropathy with a dash of nausea and vomiting. :face_vomiting: fun fun, but I won’t let it get me down.


@CarlosLuis you are so strong and we are so lucky that you are sharing all of this information for anyone facing a similar situation down the road. And for anyone who has knowledge to share and commiserate with you. I’ve been thinking of you and your wife and your dog, cat, and goat (anyone else?!) so much. Sending my very best thoughts xoxo


2 cats Manny and Biddy feel slighted. Sheelah gets all the attention. We have 4 sons 2 in Texas one in Arkansas and one in North Carolina, with the grandchildren scattered as well.


We’ll all be with you in spirit tomorrow. Sending you strength and positivity!



C- Day #1 November 21.2023 Cancer Clinic, Bryan, TX

A modification of Lantus using the protocol that worked so well when I was on MDI, divided into 3 parts - 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner. It roughly 40%, 40% and 20%. I increased the total by 3u total. I have been told this cannot work, but hey, it worked so well for me.

I ate a breakfast of 45 grams carbs with an BG 128mg/dl and a bolus of 2.8 units - 6:22AM,
Arrived at the clinic for my 9A appointment at 8:30AM- BG 123.
9:10AM increase tandem pump rate by .2, BG132ml/dl.
Began receiving saline.

7:43 to 10:20AM - Akenzeo (anti nausea) and Dexamethasome (steroid) BG 126 start- 124 finish. So far so good steroid, HA.

10:24 to 10:50 Methotrexate 124 start 133 finish du=id a .7u correction.

11:00 to 11:10 vinblastine 128 start 114 finish.

11:16 to 11:15 Adruanycin (Red Devil) 112 start to 99 finish. Told to keep mouth cool with ice chips to prevent sores. My wife long ago made up IVs with this stuff, Causes damage to the skin. 11:10 I took 2nd Lantus

11:56 to 2:35PM Cisplatin and mannitol, cisplatin is hard on the kidneys. The mannitol is a diuretic. I got up often to pee. BG was 99 start, at 12:00 I bolused 3.4u and ate my lunch of 70 grams carbs. 12:45 BG was 158 did an .8u correction. Finished and allowed to with a BG of 165. I think the steroid was catching up with me.
Stayed in the 160 or.so, did the smal Lantus does at 4:42 BG 152, bolused 3.6u 5;28 WITH BG 157. Hit 208 at 6:49 did 88 minutes easy spinning in front of the TV BG start at170, peak at 208 finished at 169 did a 1 u correction. At bedtime 9:00 123

All in all I think I did well, My nurses were outstanding, both the men and women.
Tomorrow I have to return for the growth stimulant, I don’t have the name in my notes. This is to encourage the marrow to produce more blood cells especially white. It is known to cause aches in the big bones, but Claritin is known to ease that, and I take it every morning - win- win.

Thanks for letting me and encouraging me to keep this diary. It really helps me process the situation. I truly hope that it will just be academic interest to all of you, but if the need arises it will be a sort of guideline of how to manage blood glucose.

I expect that the steroid with continue to affect my management for some time.

Thanks all and it seems really weird to have such an emotional attachment to people not seen in the flesh, but I truly love you all.

I took a selfied of the old man, but It wont post and I am past my bedtime, Yuk Yuk.
Selfie I inexpertly snapped yesterday, it didn’t break the camera. I proactively shaved my mustache and the remaining hair surrounding my bald head.

C-Day and morning after
I kept the higher basal rate trusting on C-IQ, a near perfect sleep pattern.


Hey @CarlosLuis, thanks for the update! Interestingly, there’s no or very little difference in “tanning” where the mustache used to be! Perhaps you’ve shy’d away from the sunlight? (Probably not in TX, perhaps a hat?) Anyway, nice to “see” you!

Sounds like things went pretty well! A bit of a rise, but not drastic. I like your Lantus dosing. I split my dose (prior to my pump) in two to avoid nightly drops, half at night, half in morning; your 40-40-20 approach is also interesting.

Good thoughts your way from many of us here!


Mustascheless Skin- Probably due to judicious use of SPF 50 sunscreen and hats and caps. Growing up in tthe sunny south, my family drilled in me about not exposing my alabaster skin to the sun. I don’t really tan

About Lantus splitting, I began splitting the dose 60% at bedtime and 40% in the morning for the years before I wasn’t on MDI/Pump.With the full dose at night I would get bad hypos about 6 hours late. Splitting was the perfect solution.

About 30 months ago that evil progressive type 2 progress to where diet, exercise, Metformin and Lantus weren’t enough. I got a Dexcom G6 and used Humalog and Lantus in vials.later pens as I wanted the Humalog KwikPen Jr which allows .5 units dosing.

It was during MDI I came up with the 3 split dose of Lantus during the day. I Tend to get a postprandial spike starting about 3 hours after eating. With the Tandem I just do a manual override correction. I call it a manual extended square wave bolus. One of the downsides for me with Tandem is the extended bolus feature does not work for me, I tried all sorts of doses and ratios. It’s not a big deal. I just hope that Tandem doesn’t go into the full automatic our algorithm knows best. I am a firm believer in “TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR DIABETES.

If Tandem takes any control form us I will probably go back to MDI. I will say that I love C-IQ, especially how I can increase basal rate, but C-IQ will reduce it to prevent hypos.


I just want everyone who are responsible for the lovely basket that graced my porch when I got home yesterday. I’ve been told that those who ar2 following my diary made it possible.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the virtual support from FU, and now it has moved from virtual to tangible, a delight to the eyes, nose and taste. I couldn’t resist and may a supper of Brie, Cheddar, and apple, cheese and wine biscuits and for dessert (yes I had dessert) chocolate covered pretzels. I will probably do that again this afternoon.

I will leave this to all you good people along with my prayers and blessing for you.


It just gets gooder and gooder, got another FU prize package just now. A delightful card with loads of names door dash for stuff and a book that made me :joy_cat:
“The Ultimate Brain Health Logic Puzzle Book”
Gold stars to all.

Well darn, I wanted to post a.delightful gif of dancing gold stars. I assure you it’s appropriate that it was.too big because that matches FU hearts.:heart: :star2::star2::star2::star2::star2::star2::star2::star2::comet::dizzy::sparkles::star::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Here’s a picture of the card and the brain stretching book.



I had a dr appoint today (yearly since my cancer), and all clear!! Always great to hear.

I have a sister who had breast cancer before my cancer. Unfortunately this past year she had another occurrence, but recovering now.

Glad to hear you are getting so much helpful advice and support.


This regional cancer clinic has an excellent reputation. And the staff from the front desk to the nurses in the infusion rooms are stellar.

24 hours after the infusion I go in for a sub cutaneous shot of Neupogen® (filgrastim) to increase white blood cells. I got it today from RN Jay, a very nice man. The usual side effect is aches in the large bones, but guess what, Claritin helps with that and living in the allergy Hell of the United States, Brazos county, I have been taking it daily for more years than I can remember.
My BG was 94 when I got the shot and when I ate dinner I held off bolusing because I was still at 96. 40 minutes at 109 I bolused. My triple dosing of Lantus is back working like when I was on MDI. C-IQ is reducing Basal keeping me in good tight management.

I have one possible side effect that may be from Dex the steroid, hiccups. I’ve had them 3 or 4 times today. Quiet now.
No pedaling tonight, I don’t what to have one of those nightmarish hypos. Been steady at 106,


Happy Thanksgiving, y’all. I have a lot to be thankful, a large part is you. We will probably eat some tamales and other stuff. It will just be the 2 of us, so no gigantic meal feast, but we can’t have Thanksgiving and Christmas with out the corny, spices pork tamales.

I will be fighting spiking BG from food and not from chemicals - YEAH!


My cancer treatment was in a small building, near the hospital (in 2013). But more recently a huge new cancer building was added to main hospital location and where I was treated was demolished and now a hospital parking lot.


The regional ideas of great Thanksgiving and holiday meals is wonderful! I’m afraid my family is woefully traditional: turkey, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce (I make it fresh with berries, fake sugar, port wine), and home made apple, pecan, and cherry pies! We share hosting with our daughter, and her in laws!

Enjoy no matter how you do it!!


Sounds grand, I have not eaten anything but a Boost about 9, it’s now 12:30.

I’ll do an update next

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C-1 #3 Thanksgiving Day
Woke up feeling queasy, drank a cup of ginger tea, gave in and took the 1st anti nausea med.

I have 2 that I alternate. Side effect- drowsiness, spent all morning dozing in my recliner with a 2 cat comforter.

No Lantus or bolus, BG sitting at 80, maybe time for glucose. Just don’t feel like eating.

For you cat servants, Sheelah was resting on my chest and heard the crunching glucose tabs, "What are you eating, is it good?":blush:

Everyone have a great day full of gratitude for everything. I’m hanging in OK- tired but happy.


We call that getting a “cat scan”! :smile_cat::smile_cat:


C-1 # 4
Ate very little yesterday, the anti nausea meds put me right to sleep. I probably slept about 20 hours in 24.

Woke up with BG 77 - took 2 glucose tablets, got up, stomach settled down. Fed Rocky dog and Dottie goat and then myself.

Lunchtime I ate the tamales, so far so good. It’s always touch and go with those as there’s no nutritional labels on homemade. I’ll probably do a correction later.

Looking at this graph I was in super control, but that’s not sustainable. :star_struck: