I'm to undergo chemotherapy soon

I’m type 2 and steroids really jack resistance to insulin in me. I think that steroids will be added to ease the problems that come with chemo.

I wonder if anyone has dealt with steroid induced hyperglycemia and what works to bring BG down from the stratosphere.

I’m using a Tandem pump with Novo Log. I was wondering if Afrezza or one of the ultra rapid insulin would help.

And then there’s the other side, depressed appetite. It’s going to be a balancing act, that’ll make the years of dealing with diabetes look like a bad dress rehearsal. :joy::star_struck::heart: you all.


Not particularly relevant but when I had Covid I had a bottle of humalog next to me as the blood sugar was pretty stubborn and pumping too much insulin caused the infusion site to have issues. Because I was using the Dexcom I was pretty comfortable giving 5 unit doses until the number eventually came down. Per some of the literature, I’d say drinking lots of water is a good idea too.


That might work well since its quick to act and short duration. But suggest to try it first before chemo.

I had chemo 10 years ago, and definitely used more insulin during chemo. But discuss with you doctors on what meds will be given and when.
My experience was that I had low platelets, so they drew blood day before to check.
I did not use afrezza, but had pump with higher basal and corrections during infusion as needed.


I don’t have any suggestions @CarlosLuis, but I do wish the best for you and your treatment plan.


When I had cancer in 2010 I was given steroids the day before my chemo treatments and I had two treatments in one week, three weeks apart. I had an entirely different basal program for those treatment weeks. And if I remember correctly, it was a whopping 200% increase over my normal basal rate. Even now, when I am sick with lung disease issues ( thanks to a stem cell transplant) I get put on prednisone and I still have that same basal program! I wish you the best of luck. Please remember: SO much of your recovery from this horrible disease depends on your attitude. I was a Type 1 diabetic with Stage 4 lymphoma that went into my nervous system and I NEVER gave up. And here I am.


No recommendation as my experience is minimal but great thoughts your way for a good outcome and support for a great attitude and recovery!:mending_heart:


Another thought, although maybe things have improved with chemo side effects.

I found this, which was not available during my chemo.


My prayers are with you @CarlosLuis.

I am very sorry you are having to deal with this.

I have found that a very strong underlying basal is what helps me the most when I am taking steroids.

Please keep us updated as you work through this.


I am so sorry to hear that, Prayers and love your way for a successful recovery and I hope you go through it as easily as you can.

Steroids really mess me up to. I had to increase my insulin and added correction doses. The worse resistance lasted some days until after I stopped and didn’t completely wear off for about a month. It also started messing with my sleep because I got jittery from them. They work good on me, but I am super sensitive to any side effects.

I have a problem with absorption/site issues sometimes with my pods, so I have a tendency to give larger dosing in shots. But if I want a quicker response I use Afrezza. Afrezza is faster, but the biggy is that all (or almost all) of it works within the 2 hours. But using Afrezza for me, because it wears off in 2 hours, at some point my BG level usually goes up and I need another dose of insulin. But Afrezza being faster and more of it definitely faster is great stuff! But like @MM2 has said, try it first so you have an idea of how it works on you. 4 units, isn’t really 4 units, it’s more like 2 1/2 to 3.

I would give yourself some leeway about your numbers while you are going through chemo and steroids. Control won’t be the same and can be really hard to even try. So just understand, you try the best you can and accept that you are trying, eat the best you can and go from there.


Sending warm positive thoughts your way and wishing you a speedy recovery!


I had a very good experience with the oncologist, in fact, the cancer clinic, both staff and patients were great.

My doctor expressed confidence that this cancer will respond to treatment and surgery. I think the chemo will be 3 treatments over 3 weeks, a rest week, another 3/1 week round, possible break if blood count drops too low a the final round. Surgery to follow.

I see the urologist/surgeon Thursday.

I spent the 1st part of this morning registering 3 patient portals and organizing the rest in a new bookmark folder.

The last half was getting copies of the records of labs and pathology.


@CarlosLuis Glad you had a positive experience! While I know the treatments vary for different cancer types, the changes that have occurred since my wife dealt with melanoma (stage 3B) 8 years ago and a hysterectomy 2 years back are phenomenal. The *mab drugs have changed everything it seems! I hope you respond as well or better (I’m sure I should be knocking on wood about now for both of you!). Attitude means a lot, hope you and your doctors remain positive and same for the results!! Good thoughts your way!! :smiley: :smiley: