100th member sweepstakes

To celebrate our blossoming online group here I’ve decided to host a little sweepstakes.

I, as FUD’s secretary/treasurer will authorize the purchase of any book off of the Diabibles list, of the 100th active member’s choosing, for them to keep as a celebration of being our 100th active member.

I will need admins help to distinguish the 100th active user, not counting trolls, discourse staff, or duplicate accounts.

The race is on, invite your friends! And btw this list of books is a living and growing list, so feel free to make suggestions for additions.


Looks like about 88 now, taking out admin accounts.

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99 total users now! Some are duplicate and some not active though.

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108 total members now but not all are active— getting closer! Looking for 100 active posters!

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Can I get a tally of active posters, admin?

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Active…as in, logged in/posted in the past X number of days? Lots of users listed in the Active category, but quite a few haven’t logged in for 30 days or more.

Hmm… I’m not sure, what do you think should count? Having posted at some point anyway for sure

There are 106 users listed as “Active” in the Admin area.

Breaking those numbers down by “Last Seen”, it goes like this:

  • 5 were last seen in April
  • 14 were last seen in May
  • 16 were last seen in June
  • 15 were last seen in July
  • 56 were seen in August

Breaking the numbers down by “Posts Read”, it goes like this:

  • 5 users have 0 posts read.
  • 12 users have < 10 posts read.
  • 14 users have between 10 and 50 posts read.
  • 9 users have between 51 and 100 posts read.
  • 12 users have read between 101 and 250 posts.
  • 25 users have read between 251 and 1000 posts.
  • 29 users have read more 1001 or more posts.

If you want to track by “Posts Made”, then it breaks down like this:

  • 34 users have made no posts.
  • 29 users have made between 1 and 10 posts.
  • 26 users have made between 11 and 100 posts.
  • 14 users have made between 101 and 1000 posts.
  • 3 users have posted greater than 1000 times.

I personally feel that to be considered “Active”, one should log in, read, make a contribution AT LEAST once per week. But I understand life happens so at a bare minimum once per month (unless the individual has something extraordinary going on with their lives…which we would probably know about (but we may not?))

Anyway, parse those numbers any way you want! lol

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Well the 100th user to join will have no previous login frequency history so that makes that count less relevant for this tally… shall we just say the 100th user to post?

Also as an aside note because I was curious…of the 3 users who have posted greater than 1000 times, those numbers (awards go to the following individuals)

3rd place goes to…:: drum roll :: @ClaudnDaye! with 1197 posts made.
2nd place goes too… :: drum roll :: @Eric! with 1446 posts made!!!

And the number one spot goes too…

:: huge drum roll ::

Our fearless leader, @Michel with 1,736 posts made!!!

@Sam, you are on the CUSP of the 1k mark, in 4th place atm, with 975 posts!

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And I don’t even own a computer… all of mine have been from an iPhone. That’s gotta count for something!

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Damn! That’s a lot of posts to make on an iPhone! I’d have 1/2 my count if I had to do that auto-correct thing all day…either that, or all my posts would have unintelligible garbage throughout them. lol.


That does at least partially explain why mine are

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Sounds like a plan. Using that tally, we’re currently on #72.

I am also proposing an all expenses paid vacation for 2 to Hawaii for the next member to reach 1,000 posts.

Careful, there are a few people on your heels that may overtake you (@TiaG, @docslotnick, @Chris) :smiley:

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I’m in the same boat (pun intended). All of my posts and the couple articles I wrote were made on a Samsung Note 4 phone, which is my computer.

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I don’t know how you guys do it. There should be a special award for those dedicated enough to post solely with anything other than a full sized monitor and keyboard.

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He will just change the rules and say all of your posts need to be made on an iphone for it to count. :wink:

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Only partially, @Sam :slight_smile:

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