Forums Boards: congrats to Britt, and a surprise!

I was just looking at the forum boards this afternoon, and found out, not to my total surprise, that we have one champion in this community: @britt_j has read an astounding 3,600 posts, more than anyone else on this forum!

Congrats, @britt_j! You are the best!

The second thing that struck me – and it was a total surprise – was: can you believe we actually have already 3,600 posts?!

Although, to be fair, this probably counts PMs as well :slight_smile:

FYI – to get to the forum boards, go to the three-line logo on the upper right and select β€œusers.” You can also get all kinds of other interesting info there.


Select β€œall time” view to see running totals or can be broken down to weekly, monthly, etc

Thanks, @Michel. I’ll note that you’re not far behind me! :slight_smile:

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