Using "Like" in the forum is a good thing

If you look at the bottom right corner of every post, you can find a gray heart that can be turned red with a click of the mouse.

This icon indicates that you “like” the corresponding post. It is a good thing to do, and a good practice to use on the forum, at many levels:

  • D is a hard disease. Many who come here for information don’t have a single good source of information or support at home – the DOC is the only help and support they have. Providing the additional empathy that “likes” provide to a poster can make a BIG difference to how they perceive the forum to welcome and support them;

  • it provides positive feedback to other posters, something particularly important for newer members on the forum; as we all know, every form of research shows that positive feedback has a much stronger effect than negative one!

  • it allows you to agree with what a poster says without having to write an additional post with no value except for approval: “+1”, " I agree" and the like (yes, pun…);

  • it increases the connection felt between members of our forum – in fact, who approves most of your posts (through “likes”) is actually tracked in your own metrics (that you can look up on your profile)!

Our forum automatically tracks metrics about each one of us, and gives us all more privileges as we establish a track record – an automated task that discharges our mods from having to do a lot of hard work (it would be impossible, really, for them to do it all as we are going through strong growth).

We are largely self-governed, as a forum, by our “Trust Level3” and “Trust Level4” users, who can also edit titles, change categories, add keywords, close threads etc. Two of the metrics tracked by our software to rate users to such levels are the number of “likes” we each give and receive.

So there are many reasons why using “like” is a good thing. It may appear, to some, a bit corny, but it has a powerful effect and serves a powerful use. Please consider using “likes” often!


Also, not as important, but you can get BADGES TOO! :stuck_out_tongue: I just found this out last week when I received a like badge that I didn’t even know existed. lol


Judith_in_Portland would hate that!