10 year old chocolate...still

…raises your blood sugar! :grinning:

As a general rule, my wife carries the candy and sugar stuff in her purse when we leave the house, and I have everything else. I have the PDM and Dex and BG meter in my pocket. But she’s in charge of sugar treats. Just easier to carry that way.

Things I didn’t know until it was too late…

She was making a clothes donation to a charity group, so she found some old things to donate. One of the things was a purse she hadn’t used in 10 years. So she cleaned it out and put it in the donation pile.

While cleaning out the purse, she found a bag of chocolates that had been in there for 10 years, so she put that on the kitchen table while going through everything.

Well, you know how it goes - you’re low, you see some chocolate sitting on the kitchen table… :man_shrugging:


Hope your stomach survives.

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How funny, as I just recently found a baggie of Trader Joes chocolate squares that may be just as old. But they still tasted great !!


And all I ever find is used test strips and stray pennies…


“Purse-aged chocolate” will become the new foodie trend!


Legacy bean chocolate, from the purse of Montezuma. :joy:


Dang, you ate it!

In my experience it ages pretty well. I generally keep mine in the 'fridge; purse aged chocolate (which, I admit, I regularly use when low) tends to have melted and glued itself to the wrapper. My wife carries many years old chocolate in her purse too (the purse is kind of like a piece of “carry on” baggage; something that should definitely go in the cargo), just in case I go low.


Sounds like my new puppy, she needs to taste everything, esp if it is something brand new, never seen before. She lives chocolates despite them being toxic to pups! And, yes, chocolates are like a magnet when I have a low, 10 years old or not!! I hope they were well preserved for your tummy’s sake!!


I think I understand the real reason she has control of the sweeties, Eric. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: