Yet another hare-brained way to prevent diabetes, courtesy of the always classy Daily Mail

Clearly this is the solution people:

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I hear that if you spread cinnamon in your bed, before you sleep naked, you cut your diabetes risk by a further 120%.

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OMG – that was hilarious! This is IT – the Cure!

Don’t forget the following great diabetes advice:

Ingest large quantities of daily superfoods. I consume at least two daily superfood smoothies made with spirulina, stabilized rice bran and high-density superfood powders such as Boku Superfood and Living Fuel. I blend them with frozen organic fruit, coconut oil and almond milk. On top of that, I take daily chlorella, astaxanthin and various Chinese medicine herbs. If you eat meat, eat only fresh unprocessed meat, never eat processed packaged meat because it contains sodium nitrite, a chemical that destroys pancreas function. This means no pepperoni pizza, no ham and potato soup, no deli meat sandwiches and so on.

And if that doesn’t work there is always colloidal Silver. You can buy a generator online and get healing right quick now. Pretty soon you can look like this guy:

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Stay classy, Daily Mail!

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Although I believe everyone should always sleep in the nude it’s not for this reason. It’s just so… Liberating


I firmly believe our insistence on putting Samson in footie pajamas caused
his diabetes!! Mystery solved.