Do you have a gimmick that helps?

A T1 friend has asked if any of us follow a gimmick, like using cinnamon, that helps with our diabetes.

I don’t follow any gimmicks, unless I have a gimmick that I don’t realize is a gimmick.

For instance, I have an afternoon sandwich with one slice of bread, a light spread of mayonnaise, one slice of baloney, two slices of hard salami, one slice of cheese, and one slice of tomato. I have that everyday, and I have lived with type 1 for 74 years, without any serious complications. :grin:

Does that mean my sandwich is a gimmick that has helped me prevent complications? :flushed:

I don’t think so!!

If you try this, and you find that you have better control or you are cured, PLEASE DON’t LET ME KNOW ABOUT IT! :angry:


Adding this to Liam’s daily rituals immediately. :smiley:


I think you should let your friend know that you have a gimmick, but it is going to cost $1,000 to be told the secret to diabetes. Then make a big deal about it and give him a sealed envelope with the words self-control written on the inside. Will be kind of like the time my dad paid for a horse racing system and they sent him a letter that says bet on the chestnut horse with white spots.


This made me laugh. I knew only one definition of baloney, so I thought you put nonsense on your sandwich. :grin: I had to google baloney to find out that is a kind of sausage.


This made me smile too.