First good night in 8 weeks!

Last night we did not have a single wake-up after midnight: first time since school started. Varying practice regimens and sickness have wreaked havoc on our constantly changing daily basals. It feels great to have a solid night of sleep! If only I could get another 10 of these I would feel like a new man :slight_smile:


We’ve talked about these…

Glad you had a good night… let’s troubleshoot to get you those 10 more (and more) you deserve them and they’re absolutely possible…


Seriously let’s lay it all out and explain how you’re managing basals… then we’ll look for ways to improve your situation. You can’t be up all night for weeks at a time and then think one night of sleep is going to hold you over for the next few weeks… that’ll shorten your life far more than diabetes ever could. There’s a lot of expertise here and we can help.


I’ll gladly do that. I am not sure there is a simple solution unfortunately. I’ll gather my thoughts and see how I can explain it simply.

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There probably isn’t a simple ‘solution’ but I’m almost certain there are simple tips we can give and small steps that can be taken in the right direction that’ll make life easier and control better. Try us.


As someone who has only gotten one full night of sleep in at least the past ten days and maybe more (all the others have been interrupted at least once, and usually more than once, by diabetes) it definitely is a great thing. Hoping that you’ll get more than just one!!