Yehuda Handelsman Transcript: LDL targets (mainly for T2), statins, SGLT2 and PSCK9

I came across a transcript of an interview with Yehuda Handelsman, former President of American College of Endocrinology. It is evident that he is not a native speaker of English, but I found the transcript to be well worth reading.

He comes across as sensible and well-versed in the current research results concerning LDL targets. It turns out that they’ve introduced a new category of “extreme risk” for which the LDL target should be lowered to 55 because the research shows this gets a significant improvement in outcomes and it can be achieved without excessive side-effects via some of the newest medicines. He also touches on A1C targets and how quickly to get there, the utility of CGM for T2, and the promise of closed-loop systems.


This is interesting… they really are pushing for low LDL levels… I think I need to pursue this more with my doc…

My ldl levels have traditionally been around 70, but I just had a minor stroke. I wonder if lowering it to 50 would be of benefit. A good question to ask my docs on Thursday.

Mine are nowhere near that low… my last lab showed an LDL of 122 but my doc said he wasn’t worried about it