First A1C with Control IQ

I received my first A1C since starting Control IQ. It came in at 5.7 which is within my range of A1C’s for the past few years. So I’m happy to see that.

  • I run in sleep mode all day.
  • The best thing is more stable overnight BS’s which makes upgrading to Control IQ absolutely worth it.
  • The 110 target doesn’t seem to be impacting my A1C.
  • My % of lows have been reduced.
  • Still work to be done on my part. I would like to see my % of highs reduced.
  • I think I spend less time micro managing my BS. If it is within reason, I let the pump do its thing and get me to the target.

90 Dexcom numbers.



Hey congrats!

So you are saying it’s easier for you, same A1C but less work? That sounds like a win.


That is exactly (not the A1c) our experience with CIQ. Very good algo, really hoping the next version is even easier.


I would say it is less work, but not “set it and forget it”. I still handle corrections and making sure I’m trending the correct way.

I did worry about the 110 target, and the impact on my A1C. I spend less time bouncing around trying to hit a lower target, which I suspect in the big picture has a positive impact on the A1C and probably helped my A1C to not take a hit. (just a guess)


Probably a very good guess. Your numbers look like mine on MDI, except A1c is ~5.8. But I would bet my SV is way more than what you get on CIQ.


So is 5.7 not ~ 5.8?

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