Lab Day

Monday was my first lab since February, testing for A1C, lipids, kidney function, thyroid, etc. It was a pretty good day overall, thanks to things I’ve learned from you guys. I’ll try to keep it somewhat brief:

A1C : 5.0, down from 5.4 in February. This is my best result in 10 years or better.

Total cholesterol:. 193, down from 264 (August 2018)
LDL:. 134, down from 167
HDL: 49, down from 80
Trigs: 59, down from 114

Weight:. 200, down from 205

Current diet is way different than previous cholesterol lab: 2800-3000 calories, 50% carb, 25 protein, 25% fat, as opposed to previous 50% fat, 25 prot, 25 carb. I suspect this change is the main cause of the better cholesterol numbers (my wife suspects magnesium supplementation, too). I don’t use statins.

I’d like to see that LDL number come down some more. Maybe to that end, I can add a bit more oatmeal (beyond the half cup a day currently) and actually add in a couple days running. I’m currently doing compound barbell lifts 2x per week, working back to 3x. Thoughts?

PS: my Relion premier compact meter pegged the lab test:. BG 1.5 hrs before lab: 86. BG 0.5 hrs after test: 84… Lab result:. 85!


Awesome A1C!

One thing to try for LDL is psyllium. It’s a fiber supplement. Like oatmeal, it helps surround the fat from foods you eat and helps it pass with less being absorbed by your body.

And it’s low risk. Essentially it’s just Metamucil. You can find it in pill form, so it’s easy to take.

I’ve mentioned it before in other threads. Sorry for the replay!

Congrats on the numbers!


Thanks Eric. You did suggest this (and cardio) to me before, you have a good memory! And I have a stubborn will, which takes a while to bend… but I’ll get there.


Congrats on making changes that are having positive impacts on your life! Great A1c.

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Thanks Chris,

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