Personal best A1C

Woo-hoo! 6.1!
I know that doesn’t impress a lot of people here, but since I’m actually trying to keep it between 6 and 6.8 at the request of GI dr, that’s darn good!
That deserves a sundae soon!


@Mariethm Congrats on a personal best! :partying_face: It’s great you’ve established a range to be sought after with your doc! I think too many T1s focus on comparing to others able to achieve a lower A1c and striving for the lowest level. I’m not a doc, but think it needs to be more about what you’re able to do for you. Certainly being above 8 or 9 isn’t the best for most, but staying in the low 5’s or 4’s also probably isn’t the best thing for most people. While it’s natural to compare ourselves to others (we’re trained throughout most of our lives), it needs to be all about taking care of ourselves as best possible without causing harm medically or psychologically, either by going too low or staying to high, and considering the physical impacts of either.




Thanx !
Totes agree. GI dr plainly told me that the hospital isn’t able to deal with lower A1c when I need to be admitted for pancreatitis flare-ups. Asked me to stay above 125 lbs and ideally not lower than 6.5.
Dex predicted 6.8, so I was rather shocked at 6.1. TIR was 80%, so I could do better there.
Now I have to plan a dinner sundae!


Congratulations!!! You’re doing great!
A sundae sounds like a great celebration!

My A1c is always significantly lower than what Dexcom’s GMI says. It’s much closer if I look at my BG average and compare that.


I too just had a personal best. After 35 years I finally got to 6% with only 4% lows. I am usually high 6’s. My last endo didn’t want be below 7 which I really didn’t understand. She said because of my age. ??
I’m 71 years young who swims 3x/week, walks daily, and Pilates 2x/week.
What’s interesting is I put on 5 lbs along with the lower A1C. I guess being more aggressive with the insulin results in weight gain. ??


If you use CGM, that + A1C will give better assessment of your control. Goal is to limit highs and lows, which aren’t clearly represented in A1C

Using more insulin probably led to better match to your meals.

Here is a good chart on A1C

And this chart



@Peep I’ve read with interest several articles documenting the history of the A1c determinations by the ADA and medical community. Apparently at first those that wanted an A1c of below 7 won out despite some findings and a contingent of medico’s that something in the 7’s and even 8’s for older people was better, the contingent of docs, many with soundly recognized reputations, that questioned the ADA endorsed lower level apparently put up quite the fight but lost. Years later, the ADA has relented, admitted the science was questionable, and re-addressed the issue stating in the last 2 years A1c’s of 7+ are OK, even 8+ for older folks, do a better job of preventing too many lows. Unfortunately for all, the acceptance by doctors and the T1/T2 community has hard to overcome once established and among many the belief of “the lower the better” has taken hold and predominates despite ADA’s changed position and the science. My take: Do your own research of the issue, discuss with your own doctor making sure to have him/her give the reason and logic, not just the opinion, and above all else do what works while not causing too many lows or highs, As I’’ve said many times, “Be your own advocate based on your own research with good advice from a doctor you believe and trust.”


That is awesome!! Congrats!


Uhhmm . I stopped comparing myself to those that either put me down in social media, etc. Maybe it’s because in my days (pre social media) we never had technology that made us aware of what was happening? I’ve only been on the technology thing with T1D for last 8 years - for the previous 50 years - I just did the best I could with what was available. Main thing, enjoy your ice cream (I had rum and raisin last night - but I needed it after a rough sail - am doing a 2400 NM sail from Halifax, NS back to Cornwall, ON … and licked that darn bowl out like a wee little kid). Here’s the link shot of my mascot Sock Monkey (he didn’t have any - not over my dead body).


Sugar free or low carb version❤️

@Peep Congratulations!

What can happen when you are “aggressive” with insulin, is you end up eating a little extra later when you start dropping more from the tail of the insulin that can happen 4-6 hours later. Extra food and weight gain.