Xdrip learning curve

I’ve been using Spike with Dex G5 for a few months on Iphone and think its great. Next week I am starting an Eversense sensor and tempted to go out and get an Android phone so I can use xdrip with the Eversense. Plus I am a little tired of ios and might be ready for a change.

Is xdrip on android basically the same as spike on ios?
Is Android a pretty quick learning curve for a long time ios user? (I am taking off on a 3 week trip soon after I (might) get the new phone.)

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Remember to set up the nightscout account and look up how to use xdrip with eversense…it took me about a week, but I would not have used it without xdrip…I’m used to or dependent on the is wear watch faces…I told senseonics and the 3 reps that helped with the Insertion removal of the 2nd sensor, but they may not have been listening…for watches, stick with android wear or now Google wear, I recently tried the stratos but getting the xdrip to work was ridiculous, plus it was difficult to snooze, and I was used to the android wear music controls for skipping and volume, I had a ticwatch e, but the battery keeps dying and its 1 year and 2 months old, warranty is 1 year…I’m going to try the ticwatch 4g pro because it has 1gb of ram and is a little more waterproof, but the LCD screen won’t work with xdrip…the s2 is probably better, but I think the battery will last longer on the ticwatch pro 4g…I’ve heard spike and xdrip are siimilar, but the eversense needed a missing app that was android only I believe… you definitely want to set up different ring tones for low, high. Predicted low etc, and set your insulin to carb ratios…and do this before your trip,as it might be a little time consuming… It took me a few days, but it was mostly the nightscout And Alexa App that I spent most of my time troubleshooting… I think its little easier now

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