xDrip+ adjust "range limits" in statistics

In my case xDrip displays “>95% in range” under “statistics” almost all the time - but I have no idea if this is for 70-180 mg/dl or probably even a much broader range. How can I make the range more narrow so that I see more realistic “% in” values? Where can I adjust these “range limits” for in/high/low%?

Thanks for helping out and greetings to all of you!

Settings, glucose units,high value, low value

Many thanks - problem solved!

Xdrip is great. Was easy to get it up and running. But as you go thru settings it is easy to make a mistake. Been on it for a few months. Will help if I can.

I fully confirm your statements. I’m on G6 directly started with xDrip+ ~9 months ago. My first CGM after ~20 yrs T1 w/o this great technology. Very happy with the system as well.