X Drip more questions about its benefits and capabilities and features

The X Drip is loaded on my phone…yay! Thank you all for helping!

I have probably a million and more questions:

How do I retroactively add insulin or carb or exercise (the syringe items)?

I did not enter the insulin and carb for dinner, a few hours ago. How do I do it? I figured out how to do it for “add note” retroactively. It’s not clear how to do it for the “syringe” items.


Restarting a sensor after 10 days.

I plan to restart the sensor after 3 pm. I am using the Dexcom receiver and the X drip. The sensor will expire. I will pop out the transmitter and leave it off for 30 minutes. Before I insert the transmitter, I will clean it with alcohol.

How do handle it in X drip? Do I stop sensor after I do it on the Dexcom receiver?

You don’t need to do anything in xDrip.

A start sensor from receiver will send a command to the transmitter. The transmitter starts reading sensor glucose. XDrip read sensor via the transmitter, and will see if started, and if a reading is available.

If you were using just xDrip, then using start sensor could be done from xDrip.

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Oops, I stopped the sensor in XDrip. I stopped the sensor in my Receiver. Removed the transmitter. Then I stopped the sensor in the XDrip. After I inserted the transmitter, I hit start sensor on Receiver first ; then the X Drip. Hopefully after the two hour warm up, everything will be ok.

The inconsistency is that

  1. When I started sensor in Receiver (I did this first) I entered no code.
  2. When I started sensor in X Drip, I could not find a way to not enter sensor code. Therefore, I entered the code.

QUESTION: ( for @docslotnick, @MM2, and other XDrip G6 resident experts)
Will this mess things up : The receiver has no sensor code, the XDrip has a sensor code?

I hope you guys don’t kick me out of the group for asking dumb questions.

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Both receiver and phone talk to transmitter. The sensor itself cannot store data.

If you only use xDrip, you would issue start/stop to pass command to transmitter.

Once transmitter gets command to start, either device can read transmitter and get status/bg reading. So stick to using receiver only to do start/stop.

Your transmitter probably is now in stop status.
From receiver, check if it shows option to start. If yes, do start from receiver. But no start in xDrip.

After warmup, as long as phone is connected to transmitter in bluetooth, xDrip should see readings.
(Check event log if not. May need a start sensor in xDrip if it not getting readings after receiver is getting hem).

(My phone xDrip status says I started sensor 3/17/20, but my receiver (tandem pump) shows start on 8/17.)


The Receiver (I calibrated with two drops of blood) and the XDrip, both now have BG readings. The BG readings match 86, except for the arrow. I’ll give it time.

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Where are the explanations for the purple dots ( maybe predicted BG? , the yellowish line below, maybe IOB? What about the faint dotted lines in the red region in the main graph - not the small graph in the bottom).

Yeah !!!

As for arrows, each device has own logic.
There may be xDrip settings to make it match.

@lh378 The purple dots in your graph is your glucose prediction. Did you go a lot lower a couple hours after you took this screen shot?

The green line is your IOB at that moment. The dotted green line is your average glucose level over the last x hours.

The faint dotted line in the bottom graph is your carbohydrates available at any particular time.

All of this is configurable in the settings. There are settings you can apply to show various things on the graph in various colors. Explore. That is the best way to learn everything you can do with xDrip+. You will be absolutely amazed.


I am doing fine BG wise, steady 115.

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