WKFUD, the all-dedication line




To FUD exercise guru, @Eric


This one goes out to one of my favorite couples @Michel and @Eric


These 80’s hits sure are bringing back lots of amazing memories. :smiley:


Sam, posting Michael Bolton videos is just asking for the banhammer.

Harold, can you please dispose of Sam now?


I celebrate his entire catalog


Sorry, I’m a Michael Bolton fan. :stuck_out_tongue: Promotion!


I didn’t want to have to do this, but you leave me no choice!

For @Sam and @ClaudnDaye, I dedicate the worst music video ever made:


Is that a real dude?


It’s just disturbing…


We need to move this to the lounge. This thread will certainly scare away new members.


I would link some videos, but I don’t think Die Antwoord would be well received. :smiley:


No way man this is what we do here. We goof off and we’re good at diabetes. That’s why people like us. That’s why we’re the fastest growing forum in this sector.

If you want this instead:

Then you go to the other forums


If Michel and Rose both post today, I’ll make this my new profile picture for a whole week:


You should at least blur out your package


Not good enough. You have to dress up like that and post a pic.


And do the dance


Yep, has to be a short video with the dance. Agree fully with @Sam


Ain’t gonna happen, I will miss them both.

Just like the guy who got bit on the butt by the rattlesnake.


Too funny. :laughing: