Withdraw insulin from a Pod/pump reservoir?

Just curious… if you pulled off pod, and have a syringe, can you get insulin out from pod?



I’ve done that with a failed (occluded) pod!


Based on @Eric telling us we could do this, we can confirm this also works extremely well with the Tandem t:slim X2 !!!

So much easier to only have a couple syringes to carry and not deal with vials of insulin. Easy is good.


Agree! When I travel, I have a prefilled reservoir and syringe, with me at all times, in addition to what is in pump, and bottles of insulin.

I use this mini syringe I made. Shortened and placed inside a little pencil led case, so it is protected. This one is only 3".

Much smaller than carrying a full syringe, but still works in an emergency. Very easy to make!


Just as I suspected!!


I have an Omnipod. After removing the pod I insert the needle/syringe that comes with the pod. I turn the pod upside down and withdraw the insulin. I then put it the insulin back into my insulin bottle.

yes, easy is always good :rofl:

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@akline1448, we also reuse insulin from a pod with an early failure! We put it in the next pod.

But I would be hesitant to put it back into a bottle. Long organic molecules have a nasty habit of chain reactions such as what you see with rancid oil: if you pour some rancid oil in a brand new (full) bottle of the same oil, very quickly all the new oil turns rancid. I would be somewhat concerned that this insulin, which, has already been at skin temperature for a while, might endanger or damage the rest.

@Eric, who is, in general, less risk averse than me, has mentioned several times on the forum that he reuses insulin from a used pod only if it fails early, and not for two pods on a row. I like his rules.

On the other hand, I know some people who reuse leftover insulin from a pod every time, into their next pod. I have not heard them mention any bad consequences so far :slight_smile:

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