Can I reuse insulin from a used pod?

So my pod fell off last night. Just slipped right down off the front of me. :woman_facepalming: I had put it on with no problems, used Skin Tac, never noticed anything wrong, and then it was off.

Anyway, I knew I had at least 75 units left, so I took my fallen pod and put it in my medicine cabinet and have been using it for my manual injections. :neutral_face:

Good idea? Bad idea?? Breaking a law of some sort??


We do the same too if the pod is 1 day to 1.5 days old. If the pod is more than 1.5 days old, I figure that the insulin has been at skin temperature for a long time, and may get compromised if we use it for too much longer.

But, to tell the truth, I do it for safety (not using it if it is more than 36 hours old), but I don’t really think it is necessary. If I was short of insulin I’d scavenge.


Then to follow your lead, I’ll drop it in the trash by lunch tomorrow. I really dislike throwing away insulin, but this meant my only throwing away half.

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We’ve done it many times and it’s never caused an issue. I’m not willing to throw away the money. We don’t do it for those that have been used for the entire 3 days, only those that error out in the first day or 1.5 days after applying it to Liam.


I fill my MM 1.8 reservoir to the max, and change it when it runs out, usually around 6-7 days. Pump is usually in pocket, so close to body temp. Never had any problems with the bottom of the barrel.

Independently I change infusion set every 3-4 days, so sometimes I do end up doing Reservoir at the same time.

This results in least amount of wasted insulin. I change tubing at same time as new reservoir, so once every 7 days instead of 3-4.


I guess I’m cheap or thrifty or something, because I would use every last drop even if it was 2 weeks old. As long as it works, I’ll use it


I have taken the insulin out of a Tandem cartridge after it was three days old and put it into the next cartridge which was then used for another 3 days. And added additional insulin to top it off to the level I wanted.

The Tandem of course is not worn directly on the skin like the Omnipod so no idea if that makes a difference.

I saw no issues.

I would not be comfortable taking the insulin out of the “second” cartridge and moving it to a “third” cartridge - there is a limit for me at least in my comfort level.

Note that we do not do that as a regular practice but really just wanted to try it out.

As well, we will take insulin out of the cartridge for a manual injection. This was based on advice from @Eric. So all we need to carry for “backup” is a syringe. We already have insulin with us in the pump. This we have done on a number of occasions where we wanted an MDI for whatever reason. Worked really great. No need to carry around an extra vial.


Add me to the list of cheap people! I fill my reservoir to close to the max (not the complete max on the t:slim, although I did on my MM pump), and let it go until runs out, usually about 6 days. I also usually pull the insulin out of the old reservoir to add to the new one. I’ve not had problems with this so far, personally, but I can see why someone wouldn’t want to take the risk.


:heavy_plus_sign: :100:

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I’d use the insulin from the fallen pod. But then I’m the guy who refilled t:slim cartridges two times so that I could get 15 to 18 days out of each one.


If they pay for my waisted insulin if pod not working or when i go playing sport then it falst down …i tryed 4-5 pods in 2 months who not make the 2 peep sound when inject the insulin then i did i could activate it still and it take insulin to other closed area but then no connection…5 x waisted 150 units thats 750 units and that i pay self for price of 100 dollars…
also what if u somehow get to problem with ur last insulin since the drogstore where out and they first get it 1-2 days later and then stuff like that happens…then u screwed since u not able to stik the syringe for inserting in somewhere to get it out…so u can inject air into normal input point so insulin comes out of the
medicine hose where it normaly comes out to ur body but then u have to have something to gather that…Plz do something !

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You can suck the insulin right back out @turbo5800. You definitely don’t have to waste it! Use the same needle you used to put the insulin in the pod, put needle inside POD, pull plunger back and the insulin comes out into the needle, then you can use it again. Whenever have have a POD fail immediately, we always pull out the insulin and re-use it in another POD.

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Glad to hear you can do this. It was one of my questions.

So u telling me that when my pod is active i can still suck insulin out same way i injected? or u saying i then have to get need into the tube where insulin is injecting normal?

You cannot extract anything from any active pod because, in theory at least, an ‘active’ pod is affixed to your body and you can’t access the bottom of the POD where you would extract the insulin from. What I am saying is that, you said you wasted a lot of insulin because you had repeated POD failures. I’m saying, when a POD fails, you can then extract the insulin from that failed POD and put it into a new POD so that you don’t have to waste insulin. There isn’t any tubing with the POD.

You extract the insulin from the same hole you used to fill it up with.

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