Which would you change....Dexcom G5 runs 40 points low


Additionally, what will happen with aging on the sensors is similar to what happens with strips. i.e. you have some enzyme fixed into a matrix stored dry. This is a pretty robust system, so of course there will be some enzyme that dies over time, but it is not as bad as if it was stored wet when the enzyme would have more ability to easily move and can denature. It won’t last forever, but we know through the companies testing that it will last at least a year, so in the real world it will probably last much longer. But eventually enough of the enzyme will kick the bucket and the sensor won’t work correctly. (Note this assumes good storage conditions, improperly stored sensors will die faster, glucose oxidase is not indestructible)


Following Up: New G5 transmitter has worked beautifully in:

  1. A sensor from the same box of my oldest shipment
  2. A sensor from the same box of my newest shipment

I was experiencing essentially the random number generator effect with the last transmitter with sensors from these boxes. Now the sensors (and transmitter) are performing as desired.

Just wanted to let people know how the experiment turned out. I’m almost positive I’ve seen this happen before and that a fresh transmitter ended up playing better with my batches of sensors than the last transmitter.

Just fyi.