Newer sensors not lasting 20 days?

Hello everyone!! Long time no post… My last visit to the Endocrinologist revealed an A1c of 5.9!! My best yet!! I give this group a lot of credit for this!! Something new…I noticed that my newest sensors have not been lasting 20 days like the older ones did. This last one started acting wonky 3 days in after re-setting and when I do reset (by easily removing the transmitter, waiting for an hour and then replacing it ) the initial readings after the 2 hour warm up are crazy high. I usually have to check my blood sugar and slowly bring it down to “reality” and it then does well. Not true this last time. TONS of sensor errors and gaps. The double arrow drops at 3am with alarms have been particularly nice…not… Anyone else notice this?


Congratulations on your splendid A1c of 5.9%! What sensors do you use that you expect 20 days of use?

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OH sorry!! I use a Dexcom G6 CGM.

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A g6 is programmed to last for exactly 10 days. If reset I believe it will work for only another 10 days. I don’t know how many times it can be reset. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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Yes, I until now have had no problems getting a good 20 days out of my sensors. Could be I just got a dud, just wanted to know if anyone else had this happen.

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We have enough reports of the reset working most of the time to be optimistic. We don’t reset them anymore, since our insurance only charges us $75 for 3 months of transmitter/sensors. But I would chalk it up to a bad batch.

Ah Dexcom! I am a naif and also have insurance that allows me to change them every 10 days. When I lose my insurance, I’ll have to ask you @sggmom62 how to get 20 days out of those suckers.

As it is, like most of us, I have had enough problems with the sensor that I know Dexcom’s polices and procedures. The one I just replaced conked out in a very strange way about 3 days before its due date.

I always save the paper with the serial number for my current transmitter, because Dexcom will ask for it when you report the problem.


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Congrats !!

I continue to get 18-20 days per G6 sensor.
What location do you wear sensor? Back of my arms work best for me.


I hope you do not lose your insurance but if you ever want to try resetting a sensor on your Dexcom G6, here is what I do. Before you start make sure you remember the code from your sensor. You will need it when you re-start.

  1. Stop the sensor on whatever device you use to read your dexcom. I use my phone.
  2. using something slim like a test strip or I use my insurance cars because it is thin flimsy plastic, insert it alongside the sensor and transmitter and gently slide it around until it clicks and pops up on that side. repeat on the other side. It takes a little practice but it works! The video I watched initially used test strips, mine are too flimsy.
    3 remove the transmitter and wait an hour.
  3. after an hour pop it in and re-start it like it was new.
    Good Luck! I hope you never have to use this!

Thanks so much Kathy - very helpful!


Just to add to this thread, I had a sensor session end, and did not restart or remove the transmitter for 90 mins. I then restarted with no issues . I have done this both with and without the code.


I have never been that fortunate…LOL But you can bet I’m gonna try this next time…LOL

I am still getting about 26 days plus from each of mine. I pulled one at 14 days because it was wonky, but I had had trouble with it from the beginning. The one I am wearing now I noticed took a lot more calibrations the first 3 days? Normally I do 1 or 2 calibrations the first day and maybe fine tune it the second day so I’m not sure why this one needed more. But I love my restarted sensors much more than putting on a new one.

I have noticed the difference in restart life too. When I started on the G6 over a year ago, I could get ten additional days almost always. Then that slowly slipped to 4-5 which was OK as I still could build up some spares. Now, with exactly the same technique mentioned above I can only get about 12 additional hours-not really enough to be helpful. Dexcom has really honed their technology to avoid restarts as the FDA instructed them to continue to do. They were ordered to continue to improve the technology that prevents using the sensor longer than the approval time of ten days. Too bad for us underinsured.