Where to sell extra supplies?

I have a leftover G4/G5 sensor and some G6 Simpatch adhesive patches that don’t agree with my daughter’s skin. I had listed these for sale on a FB group, but apparently, that group just disappeared. Weird. It was pretty active. I noticed a complete lack of posts to sell things here, so I’m assuming that is not appropriate on this forum. Any suggestions? If we can’t sell them, I’ll probably donate them to our clinic. They pass along donated supplies to patients who struggle financially.

A lot of people sell stuff like that on eBay. Ebay will take down any prescription items if they see it. But that’s about it, they don’t pursue it legally.

So if you want, you can take a shot at eBay.

Actually, I just re-read your post. Only 1 sensor? Probably not worth selling, you wouldn’t really get a lot for it. Donating it would probably be your best bet.

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Thanks, I’ll try that for the Simpatches. She only used one out of 25 of those.

I have a couple of extra boxes of lancets available. Do you think I could sell them on eBay? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’ll take them for $20.

Just send me the lancets and the money.