Dexcom g5 sensor expiration dates

Hi my name is Chris I’m a type 1 l a d a i have no insurance and I found some expired sensors for sale dexcom G5 from 2016 and 2017 wondering people’s input if I should try them or not…
PS if anyone has any G5 sensors that they’d be willing to donate sell trade cetera please message me

Welcome Chris. We have people who have reported using expired G5 sensors, however they didn’t have a lot of luck. Sure, right after expiration was fine, but if you wait too long they don’t seem to work well. I would guess that 2016 and 2017 expired aren’t going to work, so unless you could try one and verified it worked, I wouldn’t pay any money for them. No harm in trying though, it is not liked expired medication or anything, I am just guessing it won’t work well. Plus you have to have a transmitter and that is expensive if the sensors aren’t working. Finally, we have experience with expired transmitters and they don’t work well either.


Hi Chris (@cmason3983). I have a G5 sensor I can send you (no charge).

Please let me know where to send it. I live in Calgary, AB, Canada. I got a Medtronic 670 in January (paid for by the Alberta government, yay Canadian health care!) and am now using Guardian sensors.

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Wow! Thank you I would really appreciate that.