Trying to upcycle unused Medtronic supplies (I am transitioning to Omniloop)

Hello friends,

I am a new user to this site, and excited to find an active community. I am in the process of transitioning from Medtronic 530g (& Enlite sensor that I haven’t used in months to Omniloop w Dexcom). In that transition, I’ve stockpiled supplies that I won’t have a use for… I will keep some as backups/in case of emergency, but if anyone is needing supplies please let me know. I use the steel needle Sure-T, 180u luer lock reservoirs, and enlite sensor (I have no transmitter at this time - hence, the unused supplies). Would love to give to someone else in need (I’ve been there) or a charity organization. I will need to sort through my boxes to determine if any are expired, etc and I will give an update to my approximate number available soon. I just wanted to gauge if there was any interest or not.



Hi Lauren! So glad you’re here. I hope that you stick around with our forum because I know it’s helped me a ton with my management skills and finding a sense of community.

As far as extra supplies goes - the most useful donation tool that I’ve found is an app called HelpAround. Using it, you can connect with diabetics in your area (or out of your area) that are in need of specific supplies. I personally have used it to find someone to donate supplies to. Let me know if you have any questions at all!