When migrating to new iPhone does dexcom pair with existing transmitter and sensor?

I am migrating to a new iPhone (again!) using a backup of my old phone per Apple’s instructions. Hwr, I am unsure whether Dexcom will pair with the existing transmitter, and maintain access to the existing sensor.

The last time I migrated to a new phone using the backup, all data including Apple Health migrated properly as well as all Apple Store apps including Dexcom. However, I followed someone’s suggestion to uninstall Dexcom and reinstall Dexcom app on the new phone in order for it to pair with the existing transmitter. I did this and unfortunately lost all of my Blood Glucose data in Apple Health! I want to avoid that this time! Apple Health unfortunately DELETES all data attributed to the deleted app!

Does anyone have experience pairing on a new phone with the existing transmitter/sensor??

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We haven’t had to do this yet, but can forsee it needing to happen in the future so anyone with the answers to this would be really good info to have in the community.

I have upgraded iPhones a few times and was able to re-pair with the existing transmitter without any problem.


Thank you! I will try doing that tonight. I guess just turn off the bluetooth on the old phone is sufficient?

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I think that would be sufficient. I don’t think I did that though — I typically erase the old phone right after setting up the new one, and erasing the phone seems to unpair the Bluetooth connection.

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Thanks, that makes sense since the old phone would need to be reset anyway in order to load a backup on it.