Transmitter not working

Hi all!
We’ve been having trouble with my 11yr old daughters transmitter. We’ve just started using a new transmitter and sensor yesterday and it continues to not be able to pair. We’ve now been attempting new pairs and have turned everything on and off, restarted app and phone, everything imaginable for 24hrs. Any ideas?


Hello @ClareR! I’m assuming you’re using Dexcom, please do correct me if I’m wrong :grin: I’ll just throw some ideas out here.

Did you enter the transmitter SN manually or did you use the phone camera to automatically enter the SN? Is there any chance the SN could have been entered incorrectly?

If you’re using an iPhone you could maybe try to do a “hard reset”

Do you have a receiver you could try to pair with (other than the phone)? If it can’t pair with the receiver it is probably a good idea to call Dexcom because it might be an issue with the transmitter itself

Thanks for all the tips!

Yes, we’re using Dexcom. We have tried all of those ideas and still not working. Unfortunately I think we may need to try a new sensor or call dexcom.

Thanks again.

I suggest call Dexcom Technical Support

Open 24x7

Our most recent G6 transmitter would not initially pair. Turned out to be a defective sensor. Very unusual but the sensor would not establish an electrical connection so the transmitter did not know it was connected to the sensor. So the transmitter would not start. This was very strange. We called in to Dexcom Technical Support and they told us to swap out the sensor. I didn’t believe them as I really thought the transmitter was bad but decided to do it just to humor them. Surprise for me when the new sensor caused the new transmitter to start working and pair up !!!


Might be dead.
setting>bluetooth and see if its showing Dexcom there?
If not turn bluetooth off/on and reset the phone, wait 10 min and see if it’s found.
another thing could be if there’s another phone with bluetooth that has the transmitter captured, want to kill any other phone where it might be paired to…
Call up Decom and see if its still falls under warranty.

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Thanks! Doing that now actually :crossed_fingers: I’m just worried now that when I call for my next box of sensors it’s going to be difficult because I’m ahead of time. But that’s another story…

Thanks again and let’s hope that works

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Dexcom replaces all failed sensors. While on the phone with them, they will troubleshoot the transmitter and if they say to replace the sensor, they will send a single sensor replacement.

Be sure to ask for the sensor to be replaced if they forget but I never had them forget.

The G6 Dexcom sensor is warrantied for 10 days of use. If you do NOT get 10 days of use then Dexcom will replace the sensor.

Similar for the G6 Dexcom transmitter but 90 days.

I recently had the same problem with a transmitter not pairing. I called Dexcom Tech support and the rep walked through a number of troubleshooting steps. The last thing he said was “if it doesn’t pair while we’re on the phone I suggest you delete the Dexcom app from your phone then download the current app version”. Mine paired a minute later so I didn’t need to take that step but might be worth a try if nothing else worked.

Wow, today nothing seems to be working. Two sensors inserted and two different (new) transmitters…and I keep getting “Transmitter not found”. I will have to call Dexcom support but I was hoping all these troubleshooting steps would get it working – so far no luck. Very strange…I SEE the thing trying to connect (I see it listed in the Bluetooth connection window) but I never get a popup and when I click on that connection, it disappears.

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Sorry, it is no fun when the tech doesn’t do what it is supposed to do. Are you still on the last of your G5’s, or is this happening with the G6?

Yes I’m still on the G5. Our next Transmitter/Sensor orders will be G6 orders. I don’t even think at this point, they can/will replace the sensors/transmitters but hopefully I get this figured out. No CGM since 0700 this morning. :frowning:

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They’re overnighting two transmitters and two sensors. It’s just crazy to me that two brand new transmitters, back to back, would be bad. 1 - 3 business days but they’re going to try and escalate it to get it “overnighted” to us. Those were the last 2 transmitters I had and wasn’t really trying to extend any previous transmitters life since they are being phased out soon with the G6 anyway.

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I was able to use the Reset app on the old transmitter, get it reset and that one was finally discovered via Bluetooth and is in warm-up now. Very long day - combined with my regular job. lol