When a cold decides to escalate



I’ve apparently got a sickness from hell right now. It started on Tuesday with a fever and sore throat, then this morning I woke up with an ear infection, then straight after I got home from picking up antibiotics I started seeing symptoms of pink eye.

Up until today I actually wasn’t having much trouble with BG but since I took my first dose of the antibiotics I am having to contend with a noticeable upward drift.

What fun for midterm season :roll_eyes: :mask:


Hang in there, get plenty of fluids. You have the skills for thus.


Yes, plenty of fluids and REST, just stay in bed if you.


So sorry, @glitzabetes :frowning: Ibuprofen when you need your head together and lots of fluids… I hope you are not starting on a week of coughing. Sending you lots of good thoughts!


Hope you get well soon! Thoughts are with you and sending you positive vibes through midterms!