What to do with omnipod dash pods that expire next month 10/19/23?

So i just switched to omnipod 5 and have 6 boxes of dash pods. I was going to sell them to 2moms but they are to close to the expiration and I cant :frowning: any other ways to get rid of them without it being a complete loss after purchasing them?

Use them! Why not use all your supply of Dash pods while you are building up your stock of O5 pods.

The only reason they “expire” is because of the battery. They will work well after the expiration date.

If they battery is dead, it won’t prime. And in that case, you can just remove the insulin with a syringe and put it in the next pod.

If it primes, it will work.


The 5 system works so much better for me with the closed loop system! I can’t go back to my a1c being over 9 :scream_cat:

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