Okay to use Expired OmniPod Pods?


I’ve searched to see if this has already been answered but could only find information on the 3 day expiration. I have a group member trying to find out if it’s okay to use her old pods that say December 2018 on them. My guess is it’s fine, but I also thought you guys were fine and see?

Joking… :thinking:


Yes. They can be used. I’ve used them as much as 6-months expired and they’re fine and I believe others have done the same or even farther back.


Perfect. Thank you, sir. :slightly_smiling_face:


December isn’t that old, but I wouldn’t want to stretch it too long because …

Not sure if anyone has determined how old is too old.


@Eric, plz share your wisdom here. I’ve used expired ones fine but not sure how far back is safe given your comments on Battey life.


Thank you, @Beacher. There were others who responded to her about batteries dying. I had no idea.


I used expired pods, too, not realizing it. These pods had a high failure rate, something like 40% of the box failed. I called Insulet and they confirmed that expired pods shouldn’t be used due to the high failure rate.


I have not kept any for a long time just for the sake of seeing if it would work, because I only started using them 2 1/2 years ago. :smiley:

I can tuck a few pods away, and then come back and revisit this subject in a few years after using them.


I used a whole box of pods that were 6 months expired and not a single one of them errored out. I guess I got really fortunate!