[FIRSTS] - There is a “too old” age for Insulin for Liam?

So, we’ve never worried about the insulin expiration dates before and have never had issues with using it. So, perhaps last night was just a fluke that is actually unrelated to the insulin at all…but I’m thinking it was related. The insulin pen we were using in Liam’s POD had an exploration of 04/21. Usually I just reach into our diabetes supply in the fridge and pull out a pen and don’t even consider the date because of the tests that have been performed by myself and others on FUD. But last night Liam was around 250 all night long from 0130 until 0730 this morning. Throughout that time I bolused him, in total, 7 units and he was still flatlined at between 220 and 250. His ketones remained in an acceptable range though.

Anyway, I fished around in the insulin supplies and pulled out a new pen that expires 04/23, changed the POD (if in doubt change it out), and he immediately started coming down.

So, it appears that 04/21 is too old…at least in this one scenario. Maybe it was just a fluke. But I’m glad that’s over either way.


It might have been the pod site. The only way to know for sure is to inject some of the insulin with a pen or syringe for a meal, and see if it works that way.


I agree with @Eric, it isn’t impossible that the insulin didn’t work after expiration, but it is more likely a pod site. Would be interesting if you still have some of that lying around. Either way, we will learn something valuable.


@ClaudnDaye what has the weather been like where you are? Until this summer, I have not had issues with Humalog going wonky in response to high temperatures, but I’ve now had a couple of vials go bad I believe in response to the high temperatures we’ve had in the northeast. I try to keep my kit in the coolest place possible, but when playing tennis outdoors in the heat, it’s just been impossible to keep it cool (in retrospect, I should plan ahead and bring a cooler for my insulin). Glad you were able to find a quick fix for Liam! (PS - I am also using supplies dated around 4/21)


Ah, you are using the new stuff.

I am currently enjoying this fine vintage from 2015


Conditions from 2015 led to the insulin’s from that year being beautifully balanced, with rich hints of fruit and plenty of character.


I’m not going to let this one incident spoil my using expired insulin. I can’t be certain that’s what it was. And as you’ve all indicated it could have been other things. The weather here isn’t bad. 70s and 80s mostly. His sites “look” good and no obvious signs of skin occlusions out anything, but I’li may just pass this off as a fluke for now. Thanks all!


I believe that you can smell the terroir in that vial, I hear it is reminiscent of the sea breeze crossing Cerro Punta.


What temps would you estimate did that?


I am still using some Humalog pens that expired 3/20 and they work great. I use it when I think a pod/site is bad to give a shot. It doesn’t mean though that I didn’t have a pen that expired next year that I was real suspicious of, I just tossed it. I kept staring at it and decided I had plenty and I really didn’t want to try it again.


@MarkP my insulin was sitting in my bag outside, in ambient mid-90* temps (sometimes direct sun) for at least 2 hours, five days straight. The annoying thing (that annoys me) (about me) is that it takes upward of two days for me to watch my blood sugars ricochet all over the place and then for me to realize that the heat may have compromised the damn insulin. Ugh!

@Eric, 2015 was a fine, fine year.