Past the expiration date

Hello everyone I have been a type 1 diabetic for 49 years old school of course no pump just pens an injections. Just wanted to tell all you guys about a little Discovery I made I was very amazed and I thought I should pass it on. I was cleaning up some of my diabetic supplies in the refrigerator about a month ago found a hidden vial of insulin that I forgot about and noticed that the expiration date was 5 years ago so on my next appointment to see the doctor I asked him about the viola insulin that I had found and whether it was safe to use or not he told me there’s no harm in trying an old vial of insulin as long as it has been kept in the refrigerator. My doctor had told me to give it a try and watch very closely to see if the insulin works as it should if my Sugar goes high and it doesn’t work throw the insulin away if it works like it should there’s no problem in using the rest of the vile. low and behold the insulin works just fine I’m halfway through a vial of insulin from 5 years ago and no problems whatsoever. I had this vial of insulin in my hand and I was ready to toss it in the garbage I’m so glad I had talked to my doctor about it I would have just thrown away $260 worth of insulin. just a little tip to all the diabetics out there just because your prescription is past its due date spend a little bit of time check it out carefully watch your sugar after doing so you might save yourself some money. Just want to let all you guys know after being a diabetic for 49 years I have no consequences from it whatsoever it’s still a rough Journey for us all but it can be done all you fellow diabetics hang in there and just do what you’re supposed to do. All of us have bad days with diabetes high sugar for a day or two low sugar for a day or two a couple of days in your life doesn’t matter you can all bring it back to where it’s supposed to be again good luck to all you diabetics it’s a rough Journey but keep on going.


Thanks for additional confirmation! Our very own @Eric and others have done exhaustive tests for this was well. Search expired insulin to read their results!

The great unrefrigerated (& expired) insulin demo


Modern Analog Insulin is tough stuff. By chance would you feel comfortable sharing which insulin?

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Not at all Novolog.


Thanks for sharing!

We’ve got some that is past its prime too. Good to know we don’t have to worry.

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Thanks you are welcome…

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