Surplus Dash pods

I had about 40 surplus Omnipod dash pods I gave away to somebody who needs them. They are getting ready to start expiring and I am fully transitioned to Omnipod 5 so I have no use for them. Sorry if I violated any terms of service for the site by offering them but I really really did not want these pods to go to waste!


It is greatly appreciated that you did that! Thanks a bunch!

I think giving stuff away here is fine for the most part, even if it does violate some prescription rule. The more troubling legal stuff would involve selling it.

Since it was in the lounge, it’s pretty safe. The only way you could get busted is if you actually sent it to somebody on the enforcement side. Otherwise it is hearsay. They could never prove you did anything unless you actually sent it to the sting operative.

And then, if they did bust someone, it would be a public relations nightmare for them. If they bust a person for giving away diabetes supplies to someone in need, good luck to them dealing with that PR mess. All the problems with illegal drugs, and they spend resources busting someone for giving away diabetes supplies!

I felt like that when I got Fiasp before it was legal in the U.S. Bring it on, FDA jackasses!


It’s a device, not a drug. It is, of course, ridiculous that it requires a prescription but it does. The law is state law; so, for example, some states (well, delaware) require a prescription for a syringe. So why require one for a complicated piece of equipment that can only be used to slowly deliver a drug, or water, and won’t under any circumstances deliver it intravenously (think about it)?


As @eric says, it’s a big non-issue, well, not quite. For those of us who actually care about waste it is very important to do; those things may only cost a few bucks to make, but they have a really significant cost to our resources, much more than a couple of AAA batteries.

Meanwhile. Why on earth do we need prescriptions for anything? It makes no sense at all for most things. Sure, I can understand that antibiotics should never be available without a prescription, and there is some merit to prescriptions for Codeine, though weirdly it’s been 58 years since Buffy Sainte-Marie sang that song (that’s another YouTube to an audio track, it’s a link to covers but should start with the original.) Prescriptions don’t work.

But they do make Money.


I agree with everything you said except for your choice of the money song link.

You should have gone here:

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I stand corrected. That is, indeed, the track I was looking for. I never really liked Abba, honest.

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I shipped them out today so the dastardly deed is done! The whole thing with needing a prescription for a CGM is pretty bogus but I can see the logic underlying needing a prescription for an insulin pump.