What supplies do you carry and how to you keep them organized?


Let’s just say someone were to come across a similar item at the Dolla Tree, bad idea?? I’m guessing they’re going to be more just cheap plastic than the thermal-resistant stuff I see this one taunts…


Try it Nick! Why not?


Sausage fingers, perhaps.



In an effort to join you all (and give up trying to beat you), I got this at the dollar store just the other day…


I mean, I accomplished little and compact but not much else… with no space for carbs, it’s pretty much a failed survival pack.

I also put a bunch of skittles in little vials for no good reason at all. To save money, I guess. Then I woke up and ate a million skittles in the middle of the night—like 4 vials’ worth—and went through the roof.

I’m forever impressed with the organization skills you all have.


A small meter and a few test strips, and you are there. Much sexier than that backpack you lug around!


Really? :hugs:


I think you’re right, Thomas. Most of these meters are designed to be elderly-T2-friendly, since T2s probably comprise most of the market.


My d-bag is a 6" x 9" zippered nylon bag with a smaller, 3.5" x 6.5" inside (purchased separately). It fits nicely inside my purse when I leave home.

The smaller one holds a vial of insulin, my backup Freedom Freestyle meter, my lancer, lancets (that I change very infrequently), a vial of strips, dental picks, and chap stick.

The primary d-bag has my PDM, Dex (unless I have it clipped on me), a glucagon kit, dex tabs, two syringe holders with syringes (I don’t bolus from my PDM any longer and bolus infrequently now anyway because of low/no carb meals - I admittedly reuse syringes until they bend or get sore), a test strip vial that holds two AAA batteries for my PDM, bandages (in multiple sizes kept in a plastic snack bag), eye glass cleaner, personal contact sheet that includes basal/bolus dosing and doctor info, and this slick needle clipping storage device (I got three, one for my husband, one with my pods, and one in my d-bag).

Unless I am traveling more than an hour away, I don’t generally carry extra pump or dexcom supplies, then I use a box to pack it all in.


Edited to add the syringe holders

Edited to add the amazon link:


@Jen What a great idea! Next change I do will be wit a prefilled reservoir… so convenient!! :slight_smile:


Yoga class has gotten a bit tricky for me recently with my pump, and sensor. I love that you are a teacher! I wear my sensor and pump on each arm and have been in the habit of silencing my phone (CGM receiver) so we aren’t bothered during class by any alarms. I get nervous that I am dropping though…still working out the best balance. I have been in the habit of bringing in my bag and leaving it next to my mat.


I know exactly how you are feeling! When I first started doing yoga, I bought yoga pants with side pockets (from Athleta) for my phone so I could feel the vibration of an alert. Now that I have my Apple Watch, I just keep my phone nearby in my purse (which has the pump controller and glucose tabs, too).


Ned, when I grow up I want to be you.

Or, Martha Stewart. But she has a staff.


For me, less is more. I ordered this on amazon the other day and I hope it fills my needs

I’d like to be able to fit 1-2 pens in one side, 2 packets of afrezza, the inhaler, and a packet of smarties in the other side. I also think I could carry my mini meter and lancet on the second side, and 2-3 pen needles. What more could I need for a day-pack? Or course I carry more supplies when actually traveling away from home for extended periods.


Well it didn’t fit my afrezza inhaler or the mete, is thinner than I expected… but still a pretty effective kit. The meter and inhaler are pretty content to go in a pocket…

Hmm it seems like with the new iOS it doesn’t shrink photos below 256 k by screen-shooting… b&w it is then


@Eric is trying to help me improve my image a little (so as to stop bringing down the Type 1 Diabetic name) and has sent me a little something to replace my jumbo-sized overnight bag that i usually carry… complete with sticker that announces my Diabetes… :rofl:

Anyway, I need to go find my old backpack for a before and after, but I’ll put my “after” up for now.

Eric, you’re awesome, and I appreciate all you’re doing to help me transition from bad diabetic to bad ass diabetic. :smiley:
image image image

Now if I can just put him on my wardrobe, I could use a little help there, too. :smiley:


Careful what you wish for??


What does DN stand for? Diabetic Nicky?


Darling Nicky, @Sam… There’s a song… :woman_facepalming:


I’d go for active wear


Did I say I needed help with my wardrobe? Because I don’t. At all. I should’ve known that even @Eric would have things he doesn’t excel in, and wardrobe repair is one.

Velma?? Really?? I’m going to take it as a compliment since she was definitely more intelligent. Daphne was dumb as a rock. I’ll take that. :smiley: