What’s up with the G6 widget in ios14?

The widget changed all of a sudden on my iPhone today (I updated yo ios 14 yesterday). It looks like the Watch face and does not seem to be current with the app reading. Pbbth!


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iOS (iPhone and iPad) and watchOS (Apple Watch) enforce tight limits on how often a widget or watch complicating can update, as a way to reduce battery consumption. On iOS 14, I think the widgets that you can put on any home screen are built with the same technology and (I assume) restrictions as watch complications. The widgets that are on the leftmost iOS screen I think have different rules, and if that’s true, I’m guessing that Dexcom just used the new way of making widgets for that widget too.

It would be nice to be able to approve certain software to use up more battery power — I’d happily be forced to recharge my watch twice a day if it meant a more accurate BG reading, since that’s the whole reason I bought an Apple Watch in the first place. But this seems to me to be unlikely to happen, given Apple’s past actions.


Well, to provide less useful information than the previous widget is just plain “stoopy” (as a LOLcat would say). Sigh…:roll_eyes:

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