What is your experience with SGLT2 inhibitors?

@JessicaD, I think there are quite a few threads on that! I am on my phone so linking is hard, but if you search FUD (the search feature works really well) I think you’ll find quite a few.

For instance, I am pretty sure I remember @docslotnick starting several threads on SGLT2 inhibitors.

[EDIT] OK, I was wrong :slight_smile: There are many references to SGLT2 but there aren’t really good threads for it. We should start a few! @doclsotnick, you mentioned your good experience on SGLT2 before you had to stop them due to contraindications. Would you be willing to you discuss your experience on a new thread?

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@JessicaD I took an SGLT2 for about 1 1/2 years concurrently with a lower dose of metformin.

It worked magically. Bg was never over 225, and I didn’t suffer any of the urinary tract problems. But I had to stop due to my creatinine levels and potential for kidney damage. But I’m 67 years old and I don’t think that is unusual for a long term T1.


@docslotnick, what specific one was it, if you don’t mind mentioning it?

@Michel It was Jardiance, but I think they all have the same warnings and contraindications.


@JessicaD, @Michel: I took Forxiga (I think it’s Farxiga in the US) for six weeks and loved it. I only stopped due to intolerable side effects. It’s impact on my BG was great. Like @docslotnick said, it seemed to cap most highs at about 13 mmol/L and they were much easier to turn around. I could still get well above that 13 mmol/L if something went really wrong, but overall it helped my control greatly.

Jen, thank you so much for updating and wow on your results! That must feel great. Can I ask what your side effects were on Farxiga? (A friend is trying Jardiance and had high ketones with very slightly elevated blood sugar – alarming!) But I will evaluate further the option to try metformin – seems like a good one. Thanks again and I hope all of the good stuff continues! Jessica

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The side effect that made me stop taking it was two yeast infections within those six weeks after not having any for years.

I did also get ketones very easily, which according to my endocrinologist is normal with SGLT2 inhibitors. (I get ketones fairly easily as it is, compared to some people who rarely or never get them.) He was actually monitoring my ketones with lab draws every six weeks, and told me to monitor them twice a day and any time I felt unwell. I used urine ketone strips to monitor daily and tested blood ketones if the urine strips were highly positive or I felt unwell. Two times during that period I felt really crappy with somewhat high blood sugar, and both times I took insulin and drank a ton of water and they cleared.

My endocrinologist spent a long time talking to me about DKA risk and how to manage ketones, and he also said he was letting me try it in part because he knew I was very knowledgeable and on top of my diabetes. Like pumps, it’s a tool that comes with some risk, and I don’t think it’s a good match for people who don’t test often or don’t respond immediately to highs.