Issues with insulin dosing when combined with SGLT 2 inhibitors

I’ve been having troubling trends with rising creatinine in urine. My endocrinologist suggested SGLT 2 inhibitors which have a protective effect on the kidneys as well as lowering the glucose threshold so the kidneys will excrete glucose at lower levels than >180mg/dl.

I have an appointment with a nephrologist in July, but endo gave me 21 days of sample Farxiga. I will start that Monday.

My question is mostly should I reduce basal and carb factor. Anyone with experience with using this drug class with or without insulin would be helpful. Thanks

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Thank you, @CatLady I took the first dose of Farxiga last night. I am keeping a close eye on BG levels and making sure to drink lots of water. From one study I read recently SGLT2 inhibitors lower the threshold for the kidneys to excrete glucose is around 20mg/dl. It seems to me that keeping tight control will limit glucose in urine and the tendency to UTIs and yeast issues.

I will update when I have some real data on TDD, both basal and bolus, and other changes such as glucose, albumen and creatinine in urine. I just ordered some test strips that do 14 different urine test.

I can’t help it. I am a compulsive data collector and analyst.