What is your exercise/fitness regime?

Curious: do you exercise regularly? How many days per week? For how long? Do you stretch/foam roll?


My go to is cycling, which I do at least 30 minutes per day with one longer ride per week. I do 1 or 2 hours full body strength workouts. The resistance workouts is to balance out what cycling doesn’t but uses- upper body and core. Also weight training is good for bone strength.


I play ice hockey three times a week. Skating is a fantastic workout and a great social activity at the same time. I’ve been playing hockey with some of these friends for 20+ years. I strongly recommend taking up ice hockey to anyone looking for a good way to stay in shape and make some new friends.

On the other four days I stay on my feet. (I am retired). Renovating a house prevents me from sitting much during daylight hours. There’s nothing worse for my BG than getting stuck sitting at a computer for a half day so I do my best to avoid that.


I run. I also do core exercises and stretch. I sometimes use a foam roller, but I also use an air-compression sleeve that massages my muscles after workouts.


Air compression sleeve? I’ve got to look that up…

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Ya, if you Google that term there are a million of them. Or air compression massager.

It’s automatic so it’s easy to use when just sitting on the couch watching tv after a workout. :grinning:


I work out regularly. I run. I do yoga. I stretch and foam roll. I lift weights when I want to feel swole (or the weather is crummy). I bike, a lot. I bike with my kids. I bike with my friends. I race bikes. Sometimes I bike for an hour, sometimes I bike all morning. Usually about 8000 kj/wk. Most days in a week. Lately I’ve been skate skiing, which is delightfully difficult and a great way to stay warm in the winter, but kind of a pain to get to the trail.


Agree so much. It’s easy to get stuck in a computer rabbit hole and iit does your body no favors.

My exercise regime is geared to my Apple watch - at least 30 minutes of a workout every day. So that’s nothing really like everyone above. I bike or I walk mostly. Sometimes I skate in the winter. I garden. But nothing too strenuous.

And I try to do one or two long bike trips a year. Last year I did one in April to Western Mass and then the Ragbrai in July. Those do put me in pretty good shape and then I generally degrade from there over the course of the year.


Not diabetic myself but I do still work out 3-5 days per week, 2 to 3 hours per day. Routine as follows:

1 hour of cardio divided between the cross trainer, stair climber and treadmill…20 minutes each.

I follow that with a “push” muscle group or a “pull” muscle group, then the third day, lower body. That usually takes an hour…2 sets of exercises for each muscle group in targeting for the day, 5 sets, varying weights.

Lastly, 15 to 30 minutes of focused core/ab exercises (every other day). Usually 5 different exercises, 5 sets each.

I set a goal of getting my old Army body back…vain goal, but I think we all need those sometimes. That included an 8-pack. Since beginning in August I’m down from 205 to 175 and I have 4 of the 8-pack showing but the lower fat is still there so I need to keep working it. I feel the abs, but need to keep burning that fat to see them.

My goal was to be back to my military shape by my 50th birthday, which was yesterday, but I didn’t get there completely. When I started working toward the goal I knew it was a tall order but I’m just going to keep working toward it and maybe I’ll have the complete “young” body again my mid year, next year.

I’ve totally overhauled what I eat also - the kitchen…most important thing honestly. Eating only lean protein as my proteins (grilled chicken breasts mostly but also fish, shrimp, etc), never deep fried. Lots of Greek yogurt with fruits, green vegetables, brown rice, mixed nuts in moderation and things like that.

I also track all my workouts and food intake. Exercise with Apple Watch and fitness app as well as using the life connect app to track all the gym equipment workouts, then I use MyPlate to track all my food, weight, water intake on a daily basis.


Wow that’s such an intense regime! But you did mention the army, so I guess you are used to a high level of fitness.

I have been doing 10 minutes on my elliptical and trying to clean up my diet which for the last few weeks resembles what you put, except I don’t eat brown rice.

I know I have to amp up the 10 minutes, and I want to get into the apps, but I can’t track calories it totally overwhelms me. Carbs though, I’m measuring them to a tee and blousing accordingly.


Lol. Well it wasn’t WRONG…. But I actually MEANT “etc.,”. Lol

::Embarrassed face::


The MyPlate app is really good at tracking everything. See the screen shot below. You plug in your height, weight, gender, goals and it tells you exactly how many calories you should be taking in as well as fat, carbs and protein. And as you exercise (if you are wearing Apple Watch) it subtracts those calories from your daily allowance etc.

I use it religiously now to be sure I am eating correctly and within the bounds that are set for my height, weight gender and goals.

Also, you can scan the barcodes on food packages and most things are in the app database so they automatically populate as you eat them and record them within the app.


Every day except when the rain is really serious, then I just go high. Normally my wife forces me out of the door at this time of year. We do a half mile walk with 100m (300ft) of ascent. It may not sound much but if we skip a day (think rain) then we start to have a problem with the ascent.

My wife also does some crazy stretching exercises, but that’s for physiotherapy reasons. Nothing to do with diabetes, though I have to admit I like to watch.


Does it involve a pole?

Sorry, I have little control where my brain goes.


No, we acquired one from one of our rentals which, perhaps, was being operated as a brothel, we just don’t know; red lights in the bedroom always seem suspicious to my narrow mind.

My wife’s sexy exercises involve a towel upon the floor and stretching for the knee which is causing a problem. Our docs want to spend money on MRIs and our friends declare, “Water on the knee”. The US medical system is totally fucked.


I swim 45 minutes 3x week after breakfast. Been doing the senior Olympics.
Nationals in Hometown Pittsburgh this summer.
Hour Pilates class 2x week.
Walk am 45 mins when I don’t swim.
And my husband and I walk another 30 minutes after supper everyday.
Occasional biking, hiking and kayaking.
Turned 70 this year and hope to keep going!!
I need to lift a bit and eat more protein.


Wow amazing routine! Awesome!


My thing is bicycling. Since asked and it’s January here’s my Strava stats for 2022. I will be 73 end of March.

This is cycling only. I also do resistance workouts as well.


I have a really bad back so I am limited in what I can do. Walking and running are out. But I can ride my recumbent bike and do so for 10 miles/1 Hour each day. Most of the time it’s on the easiest settings, with some higher settings mixed in depending on my back. I rarely miss a day except when I snorkel. I snorkel in the ocean about once a week for 2-3 hours.


I play tennis (doubles) two or three days a week for at least 90 minutes at a time; try to fit a clinic (more activity) as well. Other days I walk, usually on the treadmill at an incline with a podcast playing. I also love hiking, but need to talk someone into going out with me. This January I am running a “challenge” with friends to work out for at least 30 minutes each day. I also stretch (with a peloton pre-recorded class) just about every day and (I feel this one is key to my well-being) I meditate for at least 10 minutes daily.

Goals for 2023: do more strength training and get back into peloton biking.