Hockey BG swing

Started out at game time with BG at 115, peaked at 250 when the game was over around 1hr30min and 2 goals later, then BG fell to 82 3hrs after it all started. Diabetes is nuts.

But if I go for a long distance run, I get about 2.5-3 miles in before BG will just keep crashing until I stop moving. Different types of exercise I guess.

Well no real point for this topic, just haven’t posted here in a while and felt like sharing.


Hey Ryan, I play late night hockey too. I had a similar post game thing for a while but started to play with a small amount of insulin on board (I am not on a pump) plus a snack like an apple to go with that insulin. Usually I bolus 2 units of Fiasp about 1 hour before game time and eat an apple. It seems to prevent that after game peak. There’s always a lot of looking at the CGM before game time and if I am below about 100 and dropping I will have a 15g glucose gel. During games I have watered down Powerade. On the way home from a game I will usually bolus to cover any post game beer and food, but a smaller bolus than normal. FYI I am 61 so my BG behavior in a hockey game might be a lot different than yours.


What a beautiful daily curve, btw!

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